Tainted Aether coupled with Astral Slide!

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  1. Reverend Love New Member

    I tinkered with a Tainted Aether deck during my local nationals and top'd 8't with it. However it was WOEFULLY lacking when faced against your standard control net decks...namely MBC and Wake. However this my friends is strictly built for multiplayer casual DESTRUCTION!

    The win condition is through beating the ever loving hell outta people with the Opalesence'd enchantments. Wait in the weeds until ready and pounce. It's sitting fat at 65 cards however I figured with the ooodles of cycling I'll be doing combined with the high land count this shouldn't pose to large a problem.

    I really thought about adding in some plainscycle/swampcycle but decided against it being they always took form in a creature.


    Main Cards: 11
    4 Tainted Aether
    4 Astral Slide
    3 Opalesence

    Support: 11
    3 Disenchants
    4 Sword to Plowshow
    2 Replenish
    2 Soldevi Diggers

    Cycling Cards: 14 (22 including lands)
    4 Renewed Faith
    3 Expunge
    1 Rune of Protection Black
    1 Run of Protection Green
    2 Run of Protection Red
    3 Swat

    Lands: 29
    4 Scrubland
    1 Tainted Fields
    2 Kor Haven
    4 Barren Moor
    4 Secluded Steppe
    6 Swamps
    8 Plains

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