T2 Suicide Black

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  1. TaLoN Fight the Power

    If the spoilers for 7th are correct, then i can see suicide black or black weenie returning or at least an attempt at returning.
    here's the deck i'm working with.
    19 swamp
    1 rath's edge
    4 maggot carrier
    4 rampart crawler
    4 dark rit
    4 duress
    4 vendetta
    4 foul imp
    4 spineless thug
    4 snuff out
    4 necrologia
    4 delraich
    Anyone have some advice?
  2. Lotus Mox New Member

    some cards I would use for Suicide Black:
    Phyrexian Battleflies
    Unholy/Sinister Strength
    Dark Triumph

    a small Mercenary chain is also nice (Rathi Intimtador + Cateran Persuader) to get some dorks for Delraich.

    Necrologia is IMO a bit too expensive for that kind of deck, try Infernal Contract.

    Check out also the "What's the deal with 7th" thread in the General CPA Stuff forum.
  3. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    2 Molting Harpy
    1 Rampart Crawler
    3 Maggot Carrier
    3 Spineless Thug
    4 Foul Imp
    4 Cateran Persuader
    4 Chimeric Idol
    3 Phyrexian Scuta

    4 Duress
    4 Unholy Strength
    3 Snuff Out
    3 Dark Triumph

    4 Rishadan Port
    18 Swamp
  4. rakso New Member

    A friend of mine was winning some tourneys with a mono black deck.

    In Type I, black weenie can be very disruptive because of fatties backed by discard.

    My friend did that with Stupor and Addle.

    This was supported by creaturekill like Vendetta and Vicious Hunger, and a couple of Massacres.

    The creatures weren't exactly weenies, but had power. I forgot what exactly were used, but they could've been Plague Spitter and Skulking Fugitive. Cheap things in the 2-3 mana range.

    Finishers were Complex Automaton and Thrashing Wumpus.

    It actually won some store tournaments to the surprise of the player. :)

    Chimeric Idol is probably something to be added, though he didn't have it at the time.

    If Necrologia is coming back, then people can probably recreate classic Necropotence.
  5. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Hrmm. I'd have to agree with Giz on this one. His deck is remarkably similar to the one I had planned for 7th (I managed to get Tangle Wires in there, they help immensely). It still utterly, utterly loses to anything using creatures with toughness greater than three or enchantments (d'oh...)

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