T2 mono blue disruption

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  1. Cabal Patriarch Cabal Patriarch

    not sure if this will work as i just made it and am to test after this, it is post 9th and no mirroden, so here it is.
    clone x4
    meloku x3
    temporal adept x3
    theiving magpie x3

    hinder x3
    rewind x3
    time ebb x4
    mana leak x4
    plagerize x3

    confiscate x3
    annex x3

    threads of disloyalty x2
    baleful stare x3
    withering gaze x4
    pithing needle x3
    kira great glass spinner x3
    let me know if you guys think it has a chance and if you suggest a card put what you would take out for it. thnx in advance.
  2. Crackdown New Member

    Interesting deck. I'm not a monoblue control player, so take this with a grain of salt.

    You have the Genju problem answered with three copies of Annex, a powerful 4cc spell that let's you take control of the enchanted land and obviously use it to your advantage.

    I am a little concerned that it's fairly costly compared to 2cc alternatives that get rid of the Genju and sometimes bounce the land back to hand. Being attacked by a Genju isn't fun when your opponent is also dropping a major threat you need to counter. That's a lot of mana at once.

    I like Clone as a way to deal with Kodama of the North Tree and other problem creatures.

    A channeled Arashi is handled by Pithing Needle I guess, but four might be nicer than 3. Needle is great, but it's the only sideboard card listed that I like and it may need to be maindecked for numerous threats.

    Using seven slots to address card drawing as a response to red or green seems like too much resulting in maybe too little and leaves open the responses to WW and MBC as well as the mirror. Kira is a wonderful card and it can help against targeted removal, but the post-9th/Mirrodin world will have lots of untargeted removal: Kagemaro, Hideous Laughter, Wrath, Final Judgment and Wildfire to name just a few and Defense Grid will be in many sideboards. A 6cc response to Defense Grid could come to late.

    I can see Boseiju/Wildfire/Defense Grid being a killer (and many of the Wildfire decks being mentioned are running these cards against MUC).

    Kira herself isn't very good at hanging around for long.

    Boomerang in monoblue is an easy 2cc to bounce Defense Grid or save Meloku, Kira et al from a channeled Arashi (since Green will have lots of ways to destroy artifacts at low cost) or a Wildfire.

    Anyway, those are just some of the thoughts I had looking at the deck.
  3. Cabal Patriarch Cabal Patriarch

    well as for annex its actuallly pretty nice(its not really for genjus just can be) it works very well against a bosieju(one of your said to be big threats) and it gives you a nice little advantage against deathcloud and also those decks with only like 3 land, as for confiscate it works awesome it can be used for boseiju to and troll and north tree and just about anything (this is all from the tests not my head).suprisingly i havnt seen n e one play arashi and he wouldnt hurt that bad as i have clone and the adept to bounce a flyer that i want to save. As for the color card draw it WORKS GREAT allows me to draw into more counters, clone, melokus, etc trust me i tested although it may be luck. as for defense grid i use the adept as a reusable boomerang. well as for my test result here are they are so far:
    WILDFIRES deck:i won a 2/3 match cause i could counter all his threats then annexed his nexus(that little pest)and he never resolved a wildfires he got a slogger out 1 game and i responded with a clone and a quicksand to suicide both of them. balful stare helped A LOT allowed me to draw into more counters and stuff.
    as for the deathcloud i won 1st by the usual counter, counter, counter, then beatdown second game he won by deathclouding(with boseiju) then beatdown third game i won by confiscating the boseiju then sacing it for deathcloud and useing withering gaze to draw then beatdown with a cloned troll (with a pithing needle out)cause he had taken like 7 off his own life cause i was beating him down with meloku and magpie then then i did that again he clouded it up again then the cloned troll won it for me.
  4. Cabal Patriarch Cabal Patriarch

    how do you quote here its not ike MTG.
  5. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    It should be "QUOTE=Crackdown" instead of "Crackdown=QUOTE"
  6. Crackdown New Member

    Those sound like good starts. Just continue testing against the usual suspects: Ponza, Red Deck Wins, MBC, WW, etc.

    I'm really interested in knowing how this deck handles a MUC or G/U control opponent.
  7. evan d New Member

    Shakashima the imposter might be good.
  8. Cabal Patriarch Cabal Patriarch

    yeah i knew that just an accident thnx though
    yeah but im talking about post mirroden so i dont think there is going to be any MUC, G/U, ponza, but im still gonna test and ill keep posting my results.
    Maybe exept that i cant just go copy a kodama of the north tree and kill it but.... i think im gonna stick with clone unless someone gives me a good reason that hes better.

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