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Submitted for your disproval: Arcane Eye



I wanted to build a deck around Eye of the Storm, but stay away from the Early Harvest combo.

At first, I looked at instants and sorceries that included an additional cost, but unfortunately the Eye doesn't force other players to play the copies it provides. So, I turned to Arcane spells.

You get to play all the copies, which means you can splice spells onto it. Odds are, you will be the only able to do this (how many of your opponents are playing Spirit Arcane decks these days?).

So what Arcane Spells to play? Better not give other players acces to removal, so Glacial Ray and its ilk are out. But how about Blind with Anger? By playing legendary creatures only, they won't be able to use it against you. I've simply added a lot of carddrawing, in order to find some of the creatures I put in there: there aren't a lot of cheap legendary creatures available (though Ishi Ishi is great when opponents want to play copies of your Arcane Spells).

Arcane Eye
Creatures (11)
3x Ishi Ishi, Akki Crackshot
2x Kira, Greater Glass-spinner
2x Kumano, Master Yamabushi
1x Meloku
1x The Unspeakable
1x Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar
1x Uyo, the Silent Prophet
Spells (27)
4x Blind with Anger
3x Eye of the Storm
4x Izzet Signet
4x Peer through Depths
4x Psychic Puppetry
4x Reach through Mists
4x Sift the Sands
Lands (22)
9x Island
4x Izzet Boiler Works
9x Mountain

Suggestions? Comments?