Storyline #2, it burns, it burns!

Discussion in 'Battle Arena' started by MrXarvox, Nov 23, 2000.

  1. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    Alright, Dark Horse.
    Here is your scenario.

    You are a mogg breeder :D in a small alpine village.
    Passing through the valley one day with your herd of mogglings, you notice the sky turning red and yellow with fire.
    Your mogglings become excited, and you pull out your sword as over mountainside rides Tzyver Burning-sky on his Thundermare. Following his trail of flames, pouring over the ridge, are a horde of beasts and soldiers. Your village, though walled, falls almost immediately to the onslaught, but the army does not stop. they trample right over your village, and leave it in ashes.

    12 years later.. your mogglings have grown and been trained as warriors. you have tracked the ever-charging juggernaut of Tzyver through all this time, and you finally meet the tail end of his horde.
    You and 43 fully armed moggs vs. 140 of the old, weak, and sick members of the horde. This will be easy.
  2. Dark Horse New Member

    43 Moggs vs 120 old men. Imbuing my moggs with the power of commerce I shalst rain fiery fury upon there social security accounts. Next, I shall summon forth the national debt and on the wings of depression carry forth my minions to all sides of the lecherous octogenarians. Having cut their social security funds, its only a matter of time until they all fall down and break their hips :) Little do the populi of CPAwood know, but the local aco****ant is a pacifist, preferring to use trickery and dead clown jokes to dispose of his adversaries. With his forces weakened by the horrid comedic antics of my Mogglings, I shall walk up to this (spit) Tzyver and engage him in a spell duel, culminating in the stopping of time in which I stuff tax returns down his throat and into his liver, cause it to become infected. With no dialysis in the world as of yet, he will surely perish.

    Sadly yes this is my most serious approach to the situation, in rusty and weak.:(
  3. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    umm k.
    the old men viciously attack you for destroying their social security. about 50 of them break their hips, and 27 of them die from your dead clown jokes, but the rest make it past the comedic barrier and sink their false teeth into your moggs' flesh, giving the moggs nasty wounds that take their sense of humor away completely.
  4. Dark Horse New Member

    Hmmm lets see. Fashioning small incendiaries out of logs and the combustible nature of the consumate mogg (Goblin grenade anybody:)) high chief Okk Storksmacnaysen goes on a suicide mission to sap the defenses of your malignant mortiphiles, and during the ensuing distraction, a small group of moggs infiltrates your base and steals the osteoperosis medicine you keep stored within. With there spinal cords horribly out of whack/beyond repair, they are forced to withdraw there fake teeth. Twas a rough battle, and 11 of my moggs were killed by gangrenous infections of their right arms (Courtesy of those false teeth:)) but we stand victorious under the twilights sun.
  5. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    the bodies of old men lie strewn about the ground.
    you have lost some of your forces, but you still stand 32 strong.
    Stealing the osteoporosis medicine, what a nefarious tactic.

    Well now you have to deal with the excessively large members of the horde, this includes the ogres and giants and the mega-huge earthworm of iceland.

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