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  1. Troll Dr. Satan

    In a Standard Golgari (B/G) deck which would you guys use as a mana fixer? Here's the deck I think I have decided on. I played it in an informal type 2 tourney and had my oink handed to me every game by aggro decks. I need some serious deck help for FNM this week:

    Birds of Paradise x4
    Carven Caryatid x4
    Farseek x4 (????)
    Naturalize x2

    Darkblast x2
    Moonlight Bargain x2
    Hypnotic Specter x4
    Kukosho x3
    Last Gasp
    Sickening Shoal x2

    Vulturous Zombie x2
    Grave-Shell Scarab (need at least one more)
    Putrify x2
    Gaze of the Gorgon

    Sensei's Divining Top x2

    Swamp x11
    Forest x9
    Overgrown Tomb x4

    Night of Soul's Betrayal x2
    Splinter x3
    Hideous Laughter x3
    Erradicate x2
    Execute x3
    Kagemaro x2

    I think STE are good because they could be chump blockers but can't get the duals. Farseek is good because it gets duals but could also be Twincast by opponent to accelerate their mana. Also, shoud the Sickening Shoals be more Last Gasps, Putrifys, or Terrors?
  2. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    STE is better than Farseek by about THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much.
  3. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Why would you run Farseek?

    1G: A 1/1 body until you want a land.
    1G: A non-forest land.

    Early, the elder is a better-than-farseek, and late, he's a chump or an extra point in an alpha strike.

    The problem I see with this deck is your land order. Birds demand first turn G, and you need second turn B land to get your Hypnotic out. Thus, if you're going Forest, Birds; Forest, Elder-for-Swamp; you're already up a creek and down a turn.

    I suggest you rethink your deck's design to make use of your turns more effectively. Also, I don't see any Llanowar Wastes. If they're T2 legal, put them in for more mana consistancy. You have a lot of double-color costs in here, and you can't afford to not cast a spell each turn with this deck. If you don't get a first turn bird or it gets waxed, you MUST be able to have 1BB and 1GG availiable since you don't know if you'll be holding a Hippie or a Caryatid. Paying a point to be sure to cast is worthwhile, since you will get beaten to death if you're holding one and have the mana for the other.

    It seems this deck is filled with high CC bombs. Scarab and Vulture and seems to me you're hoping to skip the 4cc slot entirely.

    1) Get rid of Gaze, I don't see it winning anything here.
    2) Add Thoughtpicker Witch or Golgari Guildmage. You can sack Kokusho to either of them for the big drain, and the Guildmage would let you retrieve Kokui for a second strike if you need to.
    3) Vulturous Zombie is cute, but I'd cut him for something strong in the 4cc slot if such a creature exists, just to see if you notice the loss. Maybe he'll come back, maybe not.
    4) Diving Top may or may not be worthwhile here. I'd be more concerned with building mana for the good stuff than just deck stacking. Perhaps put in elves, deep or llanowar, and another draw spell?
    5) A lone Last Gasp seems a bit silly here, since it can't trigger Kokui. Either it should be Putrify, or it should be something else. I don't see where this deck would often have 1B open but not 1BG, since your fourth turn is kinda wasted without much to cast, and unless you drop an STE, you won't have just two.

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