Squee goblin game winner

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by zendahl, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. zendahl gods little rage machine

    In addition to simply bouncing back from the graveyard it has recently come to my attention that Squee Goblin Nabob has many other uses. Here's just what I've found so far:
    He slices, he dices, he shucks corn, makes coffee and can be a friend for lonely times. He does your calculus homework, eats your vegitables, kisses aunt Bertha, teaches you dog to drive a car, and knocks up your enemys sister. He's a gun for hire, a poet, a prophet, and a saint. He'll act as a bullet proof vest. He'll even remove tough stains from delicate faberics. He'll help fight the gum disesase gingivitice. He'll sing you to sleep, and slay the monsters under your bed. In fact right now I have squee doing my taxes.

    What does your Squee do for you?
  2. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    Convinces me to skip my classes…because sometimes its not worth it…and, so I do.

    I love you Squee
  3. Troll Dr. Satan

    Mine tells me to kill nearly everyday but I only listen on the second Tuesday of every thid week.:D :p :D
  4. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    A stack of'em is even better!

    He seduces the crappy cards to come join me and clean up all those coffee puddles on my table.
  5. train The Wildcard!!!...

    He wipes...:D
  6. Mazzak Stylemongering Protodeity

    Squee once played the role of Svein Hamburgersson in the nonexistant Broadway production, "Svein Hamburgersson gets shot out of a cannon"
  7. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Oh, chose a Squee to play Svein instead of me, eh? I'll be it's just because of the lack of an "i" in my name. My feelings are grievously injured.

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