Sports League Season 3, Week 12: Spidey vs turgy22

Discussion in 'Games Run By CPA Members' started by Spiderman, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Heh, nope. Still your turn.
  2. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Untap, upkeep, draw.
    Attack with Bog Wraith and Skirge.

    Spidey: 3
    Hand: 1
    Library: 25

    (U,U,U,U) Swamp x4
    (U,U,U) Plains x4

    (U) Drudge Skeletons (1/1; B: Regen ~)
    (T) Phyrexian Broodlings (2/2; 1, Sac a creature: Put a +1/+1 ctr on ~)
    (U) Rabid Rats (1/1; T: Target blocking creature gets -1/-1 ueot)

    Graveyard: Swamp, Coercion


    turgy22: 12
    Hand: 7
    Library: 22

    (UUUU) Swamp x4
    (U) Island

    (T,A) Tethered Skirge (2/2; Imp; Flying; Whenever Tethered Skirge becomes the target of a spell or ability, you lose 1 life.)
    (U) Phyrexian Rager (2/2; Horror; When Phyrexian Rager enters the battlefield, you draw a card and you lose 1 life.)
    (T,A) Bog Wraith (3/3; Swampwalk)

    Graveyard: Gravedigger, Ravenous Rats
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Nope, just another land in my hand.

    Good game! Wish I put up more of a fight...
  4. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Mana flood is definitely not fun. Good game, anyway.

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