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Discussion in 'Suggestions/Help' started by Spiderman, Jun 19, 2000.

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    Sorry to bring this up but it's been awhile and there hasn't been a change to it so...

    Is it possible to add a "date/time last visited" to the reply window on the main page so it displays all the replies since my last visit? The reason I ask is because I cannot get to the articles' pages from the links on the main page; I can click on Casual Articles and then on the menu that comes up after that, but if I click on those I get blank pages. Here's the address that I get for the Decks page:


    (this is what I'm referring to in my first sentence; I've gotten this for about a month now but figured I better keep quiet :))

    Is everyone getting this? Or just me?

    So I guess my request is either modifying the reply window if possible or fixing the articles pages if that's not the desired result I should be getting now.

    If it is, well, I don't know what to say... :)

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