Special Offer for all registered CPA Members

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    Special Offer for all registered CPA Members:

    Regular and repeat customers are the backbone to any successful business and we want to reward those of you who make it possible for us to do what we love to do. So we created our Obsessed Partner Program. This program is designed to save us all time, money and let you spend more time enjoying your new cards. We normally charge a $10.00 registration fee to defray the cost of setting up your account. As a special offer to all CPA members, we have come up with the following CPA Only registration:

    All the benefits of our Obsessed Partner Program:

    1) 10% Discounts on ALL Web-Site Purchases. New 24 hour “live” web-store with real time actual Inventory. No more waiting for an email confirmation just to be told the cards you want are not in stock. Personal checks, money orders and cash accepted. We also accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Checks on line on a secure server for your convenience and safety.
    2) Volume buying Bonus Credits. (Please note: Booster box sales do not count towards this credit) To receive Special Bonus Credits just spend:
    Between $100.00 and $149.99. Get a 10% Credit.*
    Between $150.00 and $199.99. Get a 15% Credit.*
    $200.00 or more earns you a 20% Credit.*
    3) Free Standard Shipping on ALL orders above $75.00 (Except Booster boxes)
    4) Pre-Release Specials on new sets.
    5) Same day Processing. No more waiting for personal checks to clear the bank and no more waiting in line to purchase a money order. (Excludes Pre-Release sales and Special Orders).
    6) Free Cards just for Joining. (See the section below for the free offer at this time).
    7) Email Inventory Updates. Every time we add new cards to our website you will receive email notification. That way you are assured you always know when we have new cards.
    :cool: Email notification every time we list cards for auction. We often list in excess of over 150 auctions a week on ebay. A great place to pick up on those bargains. As soon as we list new auctions our system will automatically let you know there are new auctions.
    9) Pre-Orders on Singles. Tired of hearing we are out? Why not Pre-Order? As an Obsessed Partner we will allow you to Pre-Order the cards you are looking for. (See our FAQ on our website for more details)

    Normally when you sign up as an Obsessed Partner you can choose 10 FREE uncommon cards of your choice and take 50% off one Rare card of your choice. All Free cards must be in stock and available at the time you place your order for them, not when you fill out your application. Once your application has been approved you may order your free cards.

    As a CPA member you have 2 choices:

    1) Sign up as normal but at a reduced registration fee of only $5.00 and receive the free cards and 50% off one rare card offer. or
    2) Sign up for FREE but get no free cards. You will still receive all the above benefits but no freebies for signing up.

    If you would like to check out our new store please point your browser to:
    www.magic-singles.com and follow the link to the store.

    To register in our Obsessed Partner Program please click here:

    This offer is only available to registered CPA members and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Our site, its contents and The Magic Obsession are not endorsed by Wizards of the coast. All Trademarks belong to their respective owners and are only displayed for informational purposes. (Sorry - That’s just the legal stuff)

    *All Bonus Credits will be issued At the end of each month for the previous month. Credits will be calculated based on total purchases made during the previous month (Including Auctions) and will be calculated after all discounts have been considered. Shipping and handling fees, taxes where applicable, insurance fees and Booster box sales will not be calculated into your total purchases. You may use your Bonus Credits to buy Additional cards. Credits have no retail cash value and will not be honored as payment for any auction. If you qualify for a credit you will receive a notice by email to explain how to redeem your credits.
  2. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Guys, you all have to do this. I did it under the 10 dollar offer and it was still an awesome deal. I got 10 uncommons, membership, and Cursed Scroll for $7.00. Don't pass this up. Chuck's offer is as good as gold to us.

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