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Budget Player Cadet

Okay, if you read through my first Home made cards article (which I doubt anyone did, It's 28 pages long), You'll know these cards: The soultethered cards.

Tethered Memories UU
Target player draws three cards. You lose five life.

(Originally, I thought about making this cost U, but that's way too strong, even If you lose half of your life.)

Soultethered Lightning R
Deal three damage to target creature or player. You lose two life.

(Char was accepted well, why not this?)

Soulbound Lotus 0
As an additional cost to play Soulbound Lotus, pay half of your life, rounded up.
Tap, Sac: Add three mana from any color to your mana pool.

(It could have the lose half your life in the activation cost, but this way, I think it's cooler: if it gets countered, you still lose out)

Sacrificial Prevention 5UU
Instead of paying -cardname-'s mana cost, you may pay half your life rounded up.
Choose one: Counter target spell and all spells with the same name on the stack, or counter all spells on the stack, or prevent all damage that would be dealt this turn, or destroy target

(Too Powerful? I don't know.)

Buying time 1U
As an additional cost to play Buying time, pay half your life, rounded up.
Take an extra turn

Borrowed time 1U
Take an extra turn. After that turn, skip your next turn

(borrowed time doesn't quite belong, but I still find it cool.)

Inflamed Soul G/R
As an additional cost to play inflamed soul, pay five life.
Target creature gets +X/+X and trample until the end of the turn, where X is its power. Sac it at the end of the turn.

(I love berserk. I would love even more to have a play set of it.)

Soulflare Familiar. 1RRR
Trample, Haste, First strike, Cannot be the target of opponent's spells or abilities.
Sac at the end of the turn.
Whenever Soulflare Familiar is sacrificed, you lose four life.
At the beginning of each player's upkeep, if -Cardname- is in your graveyard and an opponent has more life than you, return it from your graveyard to play.
If I want to keep it? IT WON'T LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE!!!!
Hirnus Blitzbirne, Royal Mercenary

(Ah, I am so totally a johnny/timmy/cadet.)


CPA Trash Man
Tethered Memories is still far too powerful, as is Buying Time. Loss of life doesn't matter that much if you get a Power Nine ability.

Additionally, compare your Lotus to Lion's Eye Diamond.

Ransac, cpa trash man

Budget Player Cadet

Granted... I wanted to do a version of the power nine cards with disadvantages. Maybe I should change the loss of life on a few of the cards to Gambit, one of my keywords (At the end of the turn that you play a card with gambit (If it resolves or not) you lose the game).