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Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Mikeymike, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Dealing with similar themed cards, just trying to fix past cards that had potential. And no making fun of my stupid card names...ok maybe a little.

    Instant - Uncommon
    1WW / maybe 2W
    Remove target creature from the game until the EOT.
    Draw a card

    Its only W more than Liberate, but its now less splashable which might make it too unplayable. Would 2W be too strong? I don't know, I feel Liberate was a great idea but it wasn't nearly strong enough. Superior to Shelter even if its 2W, gets around Upheaval/Force Spike.
    Storm Shelter
    Enchantment - Rare
    Sacrifice a land and Discard a card from your hand: Remove target creature from the game until the EOT.

    Costs 2 cards to protect 1 creature, cheap enough CC to see play.
    Impulsive Ambush
    Instant - Rare
    Put target creature card from your hand into play. That creature has haste. Sacrifice the creature at the end of turn.

    An instant version of Sneak Attack, and since its not an enchantment its much harder to build a deck around. RR makes splashing off-color monsters much less attractive. Could be a sorcery I suppose, but as reward for its RR CC, it gains defensive capabilities as an instant.
    Vengeful Defiance
    4GR or 2RGW
    Instant - Rare
    (Need help with the wording)All damage done by attacking creatures is dealt to their controller(s).

    Superfog, I've been waiting for this one for awhile now. It should be expensive, and I feel at either cost its too expensive for tourney play (but not for casual play).
    Worthy Sacrifice
    Enchantment - Rare
    R: Remove a creature you control from the game, it (the creature) deals damage equal to its power to target player.

    Combines 2 of my favorite cards ever: Goblin Bombardment and Sword of the Ages. Extremely powerful, but its R activation cost and 'remove from game' stipulation keep it from being abusive. Doesn't mean it can't end the game quickly though.

    If you like one of these cards, go nuts with it. I promise not to sue, request royalties, or ask for any special exceptions. As long as I get to play them and brag to my friends I'll be happy (and original proofs would be cool too :D)
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Some of those are actually pretty nice...

    why don't you send them in to MaRo to have them discussed at design meetings...
  3. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Thank you Train, but I have a feeling that any home-made cards the MaRo gets in his inbox end up right in his deleted items folder. Everyone and their mother must send him cards. Beyond that, we know the guys at WotC read message boards, and they know that us players like to design our own cards, so I'm sure that every once in awhile some of these cards get seen.

    Here are some more cards

    Primeval Armory
    Legendary Land - Rare
    Tap: Add 1 colorless mana to your mana pool
    [2] Tap: Target creature gets First-strike, trample, haste, or +1/+1 until the EOT

    Costing 3 mana to use, this card is far from broken. But its colorless attributes make it an attractive support card for any colored creature based decks. Unlikely to win a game by itself, yet never a dead card. Any card that favors creature combat is a good one in my eyes.

    Salt of the Earth
    Sorcery - Uncommon/Rare
    Destroy all Non-Basic Lands. Each player loses 1 life for each land destroyed in this manner (or something like this).

    Red hasn't had a good non-basic land hoser since Price of Progress. This one is quite a bomb and a powerful sideboard option. Personally I think non-basics are a little out of control, but this might be too powerful.

    Gorging Avatar
    Creature - Rare
    Avatar Horror
    2B: Deal 1 damage to each creature and each player. Gain 1 life for each point of damage Gorging Avatar deals (or something like this).

    An absolute monster, but requires A LOT of mana to be a game-breaker. His 4 toughness allows him to stay alive for a decent amount of time while putting him well within the reach of burn. He will break open a game if no one has an answer for him, but your opponent's deserve to lose if they can't handle him.
  4. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I'm glad to see your making cards again MikeyMike! These are good, too!

    I think 2W would be good...I agree, this ability needs more power.

    Storm Shelter
    Dangerous with Obliterate-cards, but the WW helps. Maybe make the discard random? Then again, it would suck alot of it's probablly ok as is.

    Impulsive Ambush
    Looks cool.

    Vengeful Defiance
    It seems to me theres a card that does this on a smaller scale, and that card is white. I cant remember if the cost was 1W or 3W. 4WW seems an allright price to me...*shrugs* Its hard to tell without knowing the card I'm talking about it...I hate my memory sometimes. The wording would be:
    "Redirect all damage attacking creatures would deal to the attacking player"

    Worthy Sacrifice
    It looks good to me...though at 4RR it would only be played in decks made just for it. If you reduced the cost to 2RR or something and made the activation cost higher, it would be more playable.
    Either way, I like it

    Primeval Armory
    I think the activation cost on this card could be "1, T:" Maybe even just a tap. It's good right now, but casual good...a lower cost would make it tournament worthy. What do you think?

    Salt of the Earth
    Looks pretty good, in red flavor. I always loved Ruination, and I was bummed no one played with it

    Gorging Avatar[b/]
    Your right, this card is pretty cool....awesome in multiplayer, though it would get you killed fast. I like it.

    Great cards man! I hope some R&D guy late one night finds your work MikeyMike.
  5. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    I'm glad you like them, they are usually pretty random ideas. They usually come about when I wish cards like this had already been printed so I can put them in a deck.

    Storm Shelter
    It seems very powerful I know, but I feel the discard and the land sac is very tough to do continually. This is a tough one, probably can't answer the requirement until it hits playtesting.

    Vengeful Defiance
    The card I believe you are thinking about (which inspired this card) was Reflect Damage Since this works on all creatures I added the green to the cost, since it is a Fog. I think G/R, G/R/W, or R/W makes the most sense to me but it

    Worthy Sacrifice
    I really want to reduce the cost also, but the ability is so freaking powerful it can be abusize easily if its too cheap. I suppose 3RR isn't asking too much though...

    Primeval Armory
    Really? I was thinking it might be reducible also. I wanted to fix 1 of 2 things, either remove its 'Legendary' status, or drop the cost 1. I think at no cost to activate (beyond tapping itself) I becomes a little too dangerous to turn a weenie into a beast. Not sure, I can definitely remove the legendary status and I think I can knock the activation cost down by 1 for now. Still seems very strong though, but compared to Yavimaya Hollow I suppose its fine.

    Salt of the Earth
    I agree whole-heartedley with you about Ruination. I've got 7, and it amazes me that no one ever snags any of the 3 out of my trade binder, its so freaking tech. Teach them a lesson by Burn Wishing for it.
    My ideas are usually pretty unfocused, but if you'd like me to post them for your Subterfuge instead from now on let me know and I'd be happy to.

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