So I changed my mind

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    so sue me. I decided that I could live with this deck and I really didn't give it a chance. Here is the original deck.
    Here is the deck I played
    Unnatural Reflection

    4-Darting Merfolk
    4-Glacial Wall
    4-Fleeting Image
    1-Silver Drake(it is supposed to be a Sawtooth Loon)
    2-Sawtooth Loon

    4-Unnatural Selection
    4-Pure Reflection
    2-Seal of Cleansing
    1-Fact or Fiction(it is supposed to be 3 opt 2 fact or fiction)


    4-Adarkar Wastes
    4-Coastal Tower

    3-Standard Bearer(Burn)
    3-Teferi's Response(land destruction)
    3-Wrath of God(many creatures)
    3-Last Breath(Nether Spirit)
    1-Aura Blast
    1-Dismantling Blow

    Here are the changes I have made so far.
    -1 Silver Drake
    +1 Sawtooth Loon(Foily)(thanks Isty)
    -1 Pure Reflection
    +1 Pure Refelction(Foily)(thanks Isty)
    -1 Opt
    +1 Fact or Fiction
    -3 Plains
    +3 Islands

    -3 Standard Bearer
    +3 COP Red

    I left the assortment of disenchants in there. I didn't use a single disenchant all night last time but as soon as I take them out I will really need them. Does anyone see any other changes? Also thinking about November and I think Escape Artist can replace Darting Merfolk and disenchants can replace seals. I need something like last breath to get rid of Meddling Mage. Any ideas?

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