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Slightly amusing question about Al-Queda's ability to make a nuke


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From Darwin Awards:

Al-Qa'eda Earns a Darwin
Atomic Bomb Plans a Spoof
It's true! The organization that claims to have atomic capabilities is basing their research on a spoof article in the Journal of Irreproducible Results. "It is clearly the same text," said former editor Marc Abrahams.

How To Build An Atomic Bomb in 10 Easy Steps describes how to construct a nuclear weapon for as little as $5000. The terrorists' glaring error was revealed on the notoriously lurid website rotten.com after creator Jason Scott took phrases from documents shown on a BBC report and typed them into a search engine.
The Darwin Awards forums ask and discuss if this report is itself true or believable (since they note rotton.com is notorious for doing spoofs themselves) but I can't provide a link because it's in frames. Just go the Darwin site and click on "Is this True" at the bottom of the article if you're curious.