Skies of "Arcadia" (AKA Dominaria)!

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by DÛke, Nov 16, 2000.

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    Sure, yeah, whatever.

    There's this new game for Sega Dreamcast called "Skies of Arcadia". What is up with it? I'll tell you now. When I first read its review, I thought of it as the next generation "Final Fantasy" kind of game. Well, it is. In some aspects, it's even better than Final Fantasy.

    What "bugs" me a little though is that, first of, the name: "Skies of Arcadia" reminds me of something close to the "skies of Dominaria". Well, that's just the name, why the hell am I paranoid?I'm not. I looked into the game, and I played the demo, and guess what? The game is about this ship "captain", Vyse, who has a "flying airship", in which he flies around floating plains and lands. He roams the Skies of "Arcadia" to find "moon" stones (power stones anyone?). I played the demo, and the ship looks a near-replica of the Weatherlight. Not only that, but you get to fight in the air bigger ships (some even looked like the Predator). Vyse is, somehow, similar to Gerard, and his sidekicks, guess what? A "cleric" (Orim), and a "warrior" (Sissy). Coincidence? Maybe, but when we get deeper into the game, we find out that they use "mana" to power up their "spells" and "abilities". Not only that, but you can teach the characters different powers (colors), depending on your playing style. For example, you could teach Vyse the art of rage and fire by using a Red stone during the attack.

    I haven’t played the full version yet, but let me take a guess: they said he gets to meet different “friends” as the game advances; would they add someone who is a goblin and call him Eeuqs? Or would he meet a villain called Htarlov? Who else; Iatre? (Reverse all these names to get the “joke” if you haven’t already).

    I know it is nothing to complain about, but if anyone knows it, is it just me, or is the game a resemblance of Magic the Gathering's Weatherlight and crew?

    I love the game; it is one of the best RPGs I have ever played and seen, and the visual graphics it has are more than pleasing (see Vyse's special attack, you'll know what I mean).

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