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Discussion in 'Single Card Strategies' started by Chaos Turtle, Mar 14, 2001.

  1. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    by Todd “Mr. Pestilence” Parker

    When you opened your packs of Planeshift, most of you were probably looking for the “chase” cards – Phyrexian Scuta, Doomsday Specter, Orim’s Chant, etc. While feverishly ripping through packs, you might have paused briefly to glance at your uncommons. Among them, you may have come across the subject of this article, the Razing Snidd. This card isn’t very impressive at first glance – “6 mana for a 3/3?!? Sacrifice a land?!? Return a creature to my hand?!? Crummy name, bad art. No thanks!” After tossing it into the “useless” pile, you kept ripping, visions of Scutas dancing in your head.
    However, a closer inspection has revealed to me that this is a very powerful card, indeed, at least in the right kind of deck. Allow me to demonstrate. In a B/R Land Destruction deck, this card is simply brutal. Let’s assume (always a dangerous thing, but useful for our purposes here) that you have the usual LD spells, and that entering mid-game, you have whacked almost of your opponent’s land, but depleted your hand to the point that you have to topdeck LD in order to destroy any more land. Since your opponent probably has more land in his deck than you have LD, he/she may be able to recover and start making a game out of it.
    Enter the Razing Snidd. Here’s the situation – you have 6 land (or more) in play, and a Razing Snidd in your hand. The Snidd turns every other land card in your library into a Raze. At 6 mana, you shouldn’t need any more. So, draw and play a land, play the Razing Snidd, sac a land (your opponent of course has to do the same), and return your Snidd to your hand as your target Red or Black creature. Voila! – buyback LD!
    There are other benefits to this strategy. You don’t have to worry about having your spell Misdirected to your own land, and since you don’t target your opponent’s land, you don’t have to worry about the White enchantment that basically makes your opponent’s land untargetable. Not too shabby, eh?
  2. terzarima New Member

    Good idea! Your idea is much like the sawtooth loon idea, play, draw two cards, then bounce it back to your hand for next turn.

    I found a good thing, if you a playing artifact mana, you don't have to sac a land everytime you play it, but your opponent does. No more waiting for land everyturn. Smart idea though!!
  3. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    -Zvi Mowshowitz,: The Planeshift Premium Preview - First, the Bad, 25/01/01

    Not sure it`s terrible, but it sure ain`t great. By the time you are in the situation to win via buybacking the Snidd, why not just drop a Two-Header and beat them senseless?
  4. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Because Snid provides a lock. The Dragon is alot easier to tpodeck solutions to. Not saying snidd is better, but in my old LD deck, I'd play the snid over the dragon, for just that purpose. Besides, I didn't see anyone complain that tectonic break was "just more razes for one more mana" Any mass-land destruction spell, even if it destroys yours, is good. The same goes for buyback. It IS permanent LD, after all.
  5. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Yes, but six mana Tec Break was 4 razes, right there right then. For six mana Snidd is 1 raze, then another one next time you draw a land, then another one next time you draw a land...
    Besides, Gross Mana cost to raze four lands with Snidd = more than 6.

    I think Tec Break is just another reason not to play Snidd. And besides it`s actually far easier to kill a Snidd than it is to kill a Two-Header - they can always just lean in and Rage it away before you have to pick it back up. Assuming you`d only want to cast Snidd if you had someting like a 6-3 advantage on land counts then the number of cards available that they could play to stop the Two-Header that WOULDN`T stop the Snidd is far smaller than the number of cards they could play that would stop the Snidd, but not the Two-Header.

    This is just exactly the same as the original Seismic Mage/Lightning Dragon argument, only 18 months later and for two extra cc.
  6. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    I've tried giving the Snidd a shotand, to say the least, he comes just short of being useable. He's a decent creature for sure, but actually the problem is not his mana cost.

    Giz isn't completely wrong, I don't really like a 6-mana Raze with mandatory buyback either. No, the problem is what do you do until you start Razing?

    I gave the Snidd a shot in a deck with Familiars and artifact mana. He works best there, but still isn't great. Not yet anyhow. I'll be back with a decklist later.

    Q of the Day:
    Why did they make Snidds and Greevils all in the same set? Isn't there a rule that there can only be one inexplicably silly creature name in a set? :cool:
  7. superguy Helpful CPA Member MAGICBOY

    I think the Razing Snidd can be used properly with enough artifact mana, but in a different way. With Diamonds or Familiars you are able to cast Land Destruction spells faster. So I was thinking, to make a deck with plenty Land Destruction and a couple of Razing Snidds as a late game card for when you run out of fuel, and at the same time maybe used as a finisher.
  8. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    I've got it, I know where Razing Snidd belongs! I'm so stupid for not seeing it before: Multiplayer!

    Razing Snidd is amazing for an LD multiplayer deck! Not just amazing, he makes it POSSIBLE! He generates X - 1 card advantage, where X is obviously your number of opponents. Single shot LD spells always suffer from too many opponents playing land, but the Snidd does the same thing no matter how many opponents you have! I'll have to work with this some more.

    If you want a duel deck for the Snidd, go all the way with as much artifact mana as possible. Back it up with either familiar (I prefer Nightscape), then single shot LD (don't play too many Implodes. It is card advantage, but it won't do a thing to any quick decks.
  9. superguy Helpful CPA Member MAGICBOY

    Here are some cards that you might consider for that multiplayer deck:

    Razing Snidd
    Tectonic Break
    Artifact Mana (Cameos, DIamonds, etc.)
    Dingus Egg
    Plague Spitter/Thrashing WUmpus
    Avalance Riders + Lifeline
    Keldon Twilight
    Crypt Angel

    Possibly splashing white for Planar Birth or some utility, or blue for Croisis, SPinal Embrace, etc.

    Just some ideas.
  10. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    Thanks for all of the replies!

    I originally submitted this as an article, but I guess it wasn't of sufficient quality to grace the front page, so it was placed here instead.

    Anyhow, I wanted to respond to a couple of points that have come up.

    1) "Why not just play Two-Headed Dragon instead, and beat your opponent senseless?" In fact, the mighty 2-header is in my deck as a finisher. But what are your chances of getting a 2-header into play against an opponent w/ untapped Islands, a steely gaze, and a little smirk on his face? Not good, I'd say! On the other hand, if you have used your LD to whack your opponent's land, you only have to worry about alternate-cc spells.

    Daze requires an Island in play, and is easily worked around. Thwart requires three Islands in play, and you've probably already lost anyway. Foil requires the opponent to discard an Island, and why would your opponent be holding an Island if you're actively destroying his land?

    After you have used Razing Snidd to destroy ALL of your opponent's land, you can safely play the 2-header, and then use the Snidd to maintain your lock and keep the 2-header from bounced or meeting with some other horrible fate.

    I'm not proposing Razing Snidd as the finisher, but rather as a way to stay in control while you search for a finisher or protect the one you already have in play.

    2) "Razing Snidd is just an over costed Raze or Tectonic Break" - True, but Razes and Tec. Breaks are limited to 4 per deck, and when they're gone, they're gone. As I said originally, Razing Snidd turns all lands in play above 6 into a Raze, as well every remaining land in your library. For me, that's potentially 18 Razes, and more if I use Yawgmoth's Agenda!

    3) Razing Snidd in a multi-player game - Wow! I'm sorry I didn't think about that! It may be a solid strategy, but don't expect to live long once people catch on!

    Thanks again for the responses. I'm glad you all took the time to find, read and respond to this article.
  11. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    It wasn't a question of quality at all, Mr. Pestilence, just length. If it was not of good quality, you would have gotten it back, unedited with a suggestion for where you could stick it. ;) (Here, of course.)

    Since the CPA is really based around the Message Boards, I'll be posting anything that is submitted as an article to the appropriate Forum if it's not article length, after I edit it. (Yes, I know I didn't actually edit this one...I'm forming this policy a bit at a time. :)).

    To all concerned, I'll only bother to post a submission if it's interesting and useful. Anything else will simply vanish. This will save me from sending an endless series of emails, "Thanks for your submission, but..." Anything I post here will be credited to you, but of course it will be under my heading (since I don't know anyone's passwords, naturally).

    So if an article submission ends up here instead of on the front page, it means it was good enough to be posted, but not long enough to qualify as an "article."

    Thanks! :)
  12. Duster Protection from Idiots

    I hat to make this an off topic post, but Chaos Turtle's idea is wonderful. Maybe you could provide links to these types of threads from the front page?

    Rock on,
  13. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Just a goofy little idea.

    Razing Snidd + Groundskeeper = Ouch.
  14. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    I just wanted to give a quick review of how the Razing Snidd performed in a tournament over the weekend. In a word - WOW!

    A couple of players were confused when I played him with no other creatures in play, but they caught on fast!

    How good was he? Well, a couple of control decks countered him, even though he was never a threat of dealing damage, and they had plenty of land in play (@#$%^* Counterspells!).

    Another opponent laughed when I played him, telling me Razing Snidd was the worst card in Type 2. A few turns later, I couldn't resist pointing out that the "worst card in type 2" had just reduced his lands to 0!

    Overall, Razing Snidd is perfect in a R/B LD deck. I was running 1, and I wouldn't go above 2, becasue it is a late game card, and you don't want them clogging up your hand early.

    "Wonder-Snidd Power, Activate!!!"
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Shape of.... a bouncing Stone Rain!"
  16. sole specter New Member

    the first problem i see is that you people are comparing raze to razingsnidd number 1 raze is a very bad card it is card disadvange you lost a card from your hand and a land that is not the case with the snidd the snidd is card pary the fact that you have the opt to kill a land for most of the game is grate the problem with land kill decks to day is that they run out of steam to fast after that your foe has 2 lands out and from there he can kill you
  17. Darth Dunk New Member

    The Snidd's certainly a strong card to consider for LD, but there are a number of drawbacks, most of which are above, but let me say everything I've got.

    Firstly, it is truly overcosted. Raze cost 1, and at 3/3 we can expect this to cost 4 mana (What with 3/3 stone rains at 5 mana, this won't cost more). Now add it's got gating, and that should reduce the CC by 1 or 2. I'd say this should cost 3 mana at the most. Alright, the gating thing is a bit of a combo with its ability, but that didn't stop Fleetfoot Panther from costing 3 or Voracious Cobra from costing 4. It is too expensive.

    Secondly, in multiplayer, it's viable LD, but still rather weak. Alright, it hits everybody, but who would seriously prefer this to a good Wake of Destruction?

    Lastly, the choice in a duel R/B LD deck must surely fall to cheaper spells, as it is important for an LD deck to keep the mana curve down (seriously, this is more true than you might think). For that continual lock option that you want, there really is no choice between this and Destructive Urge - it's the urge every time.

    So basically, although it's fine, your deck must be truly huge before you consider this over another LD option.
  18. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    This guy would work ok in my LD deck. (a deck with Nightscape Battlemages, Avalanch riders, and Boneshredders) After all, I did previously have army ants in it. The only problem is that If the deck works will, like all LD decks want to, My opponent would have no lands in mid/late game anyway. And even if he got out 1 land a little later I'm sure by then I'd have a sink hole or something. Bottom line is, By the time you can use it you probably not need it.

    I'll keep them in my sidebord for multiplayer games. Most likely I'll through in Will-of-the-wisps in its place.

  19. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I think you will all be pleased with this news.

    Yesterday, at the New Wave(Neutral Ground) saturday tournament in Atlanta, MrPestilence won his first tournament his his R/B land destruction deck that included Razing Snidd. After drawing a game winning Shock, Theorgg and myself chanted "Razing Snidd, Razing Snidd" god knows how many times, while sole specter was in the back trying not to look embarrassed.

    On a similar note, I tied for first place at this particular tournament 2 weeks ago, which means, for the first time, 2 seperate CPA members have won this tournament in less than a month. Look for Sole Specter to boost that number next week, when he tries his luck for the gold again. This is now known by me as "The month of the CPA".

    Ransac, cpa trash man

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