Shipwrecked - Card 1

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    Spidey, please work your magic.

    Current Turn: Gerode (0 income)

    Gems/Resources (in turn order):
    Gerode: 15 / none
    rkoelsch: 15 / none
    Spiderman: 15 / none
    Jigglypuff: 15 / none

    Sold Resources: none

    This turn, you will be bidding for a Lean-to (tan, 20 points, income 2, value 2)

    Just a quick recap. You have 6 cards: Pass, Pass, Pass, Stop, Stop, and Strike. You need to PM me with the order you wish to play these cards up to the 'Stop' card when you want to stop the bidding. You can only stop the bidding with a Stop card. However, you want to play the Strike card at the time you think someone else might stop the bidding and you want to get in on it. The round the bidding stops determines the cost.

    Here's and example. Say I get the following submissions:
    Gerode: Pass, Pass, Strike, Stop (stop bidding)
    rkoelsch: Stop, Strike, Pass, Pass, Stop (stop bidding)
    Spiderman: Pass, Stop (stop bidding)
    Jigglypuff: Strike, Pass, Stop (stop bidding)

    In this case, there was a stop card played first round, but no one stopped the bidding. Spiderman stopped the bidding on the second round. Since rkoelsch played Strike that round, he would get the card at a cost of 4 gems. If rkoelsch had instead played Pass that round, Spiderman would have gotten it for 4 gems. His stop was effectively stolen by the Strike card. Remember, just because you play a stop card doesn't mean you have to stop the bidding.

    If you have a question, either PM me or ask in the other thread. PM me your "bids" (for all 6 "rounds" or until you stop the bidding) by Friday, March 29. If I get all bids back sooner, I'll start the next round.
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