Shipwrecked 2 - card 9

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    Okay, now I'm really confused. I'm sitting here waiting for someone to bid. So, I get on and see that all the bids were in by Friday. So, I get looking at the bids and they are familiar. I could have sworn I already posted the results. But, there is no new card to bid on set aside, so I know I must not have.

    It must have been a busy week last week or something, because I'm losing it...

    rkoelsch decides to get the bid at 4 gems...

    Gerode: Strike
    Spiderman: Strike
    rkoelsch: Stop
    Jigglypuff: Pass

    And, Since the Strikes cancel each other out, he succeeds.

    Current turn: Jugglypuff (income 3)

    Gems-Income/Resources (color-points-income):
    Gerode: 9-0 / Parrot (purple-30-1) (30 pts)
    Spiderman: 10-2 / Bugs and Slugs (green-10-2), Tree House (tan-50-0) (60pts)
    rkoelsch: 6-2 / Palm Leaf (tan-10-2), Wild Boar (green-50-0) (60pts)
    Jigglypuff: 6-3 / Monkey (purple-40-1), Artesian Well (blue-50-0), Dew (blue-10-2) (90 pts)

    Since it's Jigglypuff's turn, he now picks up a bit of income and can bid more freely, but how long can it last? We'll see...Bidding this round for a Lizard (purple-20-2).

    Bids are due Friday. Again, I apologize for being late this round. I really spaced it.
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Looks like EricBess has been spending too much time in the sun on the island... :D

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