Shipwrecked 2 - card 7 bidlock

Discussion in 'Games Run By CPA Members' started by EricBess, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. EricBess Active Member

    Well, it's finally happened. This was a very interesting set of bids. Here's the rundown:

    Gerode: Pass, Strike, Stop
    Spiderman: ???, ???, Strike
    rkoelsch: Strike, Pass, Stop
    Jigglypuff: ???, ???, Strike

    With both Gerode and rkoelsch stopping the bid at 3 gems, both Jigglypuff and Spiderman Striking at 3 gems. The two Strikes cancel each other out. The two stops force us to look at the full bidding history for Gerode and rkoelsch and count the Passes played. Both Gerode and rkoelsch played one Pass. That's the last tie breaker, so we have a bidlock. Both players pay 3 gems for the bidlock.

    Current turn: Spiderman (still - no additional income)

    Gems-Income/Resources (color-points-income):
    Gerode: 12-0 / none
    Spiderman: 10-2 / Bugs and Slugs (green-10-2), Tree House (tan-50-0) (60pts)
    rkoelsch: 8-2 / Palm Leaf (tan-10-2) (10 pts)
    Jigglypuff: 3-3 / Monkey (purple-40-1), Artesian Well (blue-50-0), Dew (blue-10-2) (90 pts)

    You are still bidding for a Parrot (purple-30-1). But, since we had a bidlock situation, only those involved in the bidlock are bidding. That's rkoelsech and Gerode. Spiderman and Jigglypuff get to sit this "round" out.

    Bids due by Friday from Gerode and rkoelsch.
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I sit back in my treehouse, enjoying the breeze. :D
  3. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    It's a conspiracy!!!:D
    It had to happen sooner or later.
  4. EricBess Active Member

    And you know, it's probably one of those annoying parrots that won't ever shut up, too.... :D
  5. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I don't care how obnoxious the bird gets, as long as I get SOMETHING this game...
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    That's how it was for me last game... :)

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