Shimmering Land

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  1. Killer Joe Active Member

    Mountain Lake
    Tap: Add one colorless mana to your mana pool.
    Tap: Choose Blue or Red. Add the chosen colored mana to your mana pool. Mountain Lake will only produce the chosen color or colorless as long as it remains in play.

    UW=Meadow Lake
    UB=Swamp Lake
    BR=Mountain Swamp
    RG=Mountain Treeland
    GW=Treeland Meadows

    WB=Swampy Meadows
    UR=Mountain Lake
    BG=Treeland Swamp
    RW=Mountain Meadows
    GU=Treeland Lake

    I'm not much for creative names :).
  2. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger


    Mountain Lake
    When ~this~ comes into play, choose eithre Red or Blue.
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
    T: Add one mana of the chosen color to your mana pool.
  3. Killer Joe Active Member

    I just thought it would be cool to not have to choose the color until you really needed it, and just use it as colorless until then.
  4. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger


    In that case, I think you came pretty close to the right wording, you should cut the "or colorless" part on the second ability.

    There ok, overpowered. CIP would be fine.
  5. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    Mountain Lake
    Comes into play tapped
    Tap: Add one mana to your mana pool.
    Tap: Choose Blue or Red.mountain lake becomes the chosen color,and may be only be tapped to produce that color mana.
  6. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    WU = Illuminated Study
    UB = Murky Beach
    BR = Cremation Grounds
    RG = Petrified Forest
    GW = Oak Cathedral; Oak Orchard; Fruit Orchard

    WB = Churchyard Cemetery; Demonic Councilhouse
    BG = Coffin Stockyard
    GU = Kelp Patch; Mossy Sandbar
    UR = Geyser; Alpine Library; Alpine Waterfall
    RW = Terraced Farmland

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