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Selection Committee For the CPA's Casual Card List

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Killer Joe

New member
Vote for a nominee who you think could best represent identifying and justifying what a Casual Card could be that makes it to the CPA's Casual Card List

The three highest vote count of the five candidates will be the selection committee.

The poll ends March 1st. at Noon (for real!!!!)

[edit: I guess the poll says it'll close at 9:something, something AM on that day :rolleyes: ]


I just found this thread and missed the vote.
Oh well... so how do we go about picking casual cards?

Killer Joe

New member
I've been having computer access difficulties recently :rolleyes:

Congratulations to the Selection Committee

Your directive is simply this:
Agree on a way we the members can submit a card that is worthy of being on the CPA's Casual Card List then let us know and you three will agree amonst yourselves how to choose a card. Maybe one-card-per month can be added to the list or whatever since you're the first ones to be on the selection committee.

The committee can stay the same or one member can be changed each month or whatever. Again, you're the first committee you can pretty much make up whatever is best.

Use this as your foundation: Select a submitted card that best defines defines the term casual amongst yourselves.

Good Luck!!!

one last thing: I'd use the PM's to communicate


Isengar Tussle
Zigathon said:
Why not a card a week?
That's too much. One a month is good and the cards can really be debated and thought out.

How do we make suggestions? In a special thread?


Staff member
Here's the tentative guidelines that the committee has so far:
  • Card submissions for a week.
  • The committee deliberates and chooses one for the week.
  • Nominations for a new person to take the place of the oldest serving committee member are taken for a week (in the case of the three starting committee members, the one with the least votes goes first). The person leaving the committee cannot be nominated again for at least a month (so in effect, they have a two month minimum absence from the committee)
  • Voting on the nominations takes place for a week.

That way, new people come on board and serve for at least three months (except for the starting members).


CPA Trash Man
And so, the battle for the next nomination will begin in due time time.

*Ransac prepares his lead rabbit for the obviously soon-to-be bloody battle.*

Ransac, cpa trash man