Seedborn Slivers for the new T2

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Edge911, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Edge911 Pit fighter

    I need to edit my Seedborn Slivers for the new T2. The deck uses Seedborn Muse to untap lands with Quick Sliver to play sliver spells both turns. The deck has won tournaments and can actually compete well. I've been considering going heavier blue with 8th's Mana Leak and Concentrate being a decent card drawer. I also am looking for something to replace Moment's Peace.
    Here's what I got so far:

    4 Quick Sliver
    3 Seedborn Muse
    3 Brood Sliver
    4 Crypt Sliver
    4 Plated Sliver
    2 Magma Sliver
    1 Toxin Sliver
    2 Essence Slive

    4 Mana Leak
    3 Concentrate
    3 Smother
    4 Unsummon

    4 Grand Coliseum
    4 City of Brass
    2 Polluted Delta
    1 Windswept Heath
    5 Forest
    2 Plains
    3 Island
    2 Swamp

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