Secret Lair


Nothing Special
Maybe this is a stupid question, but what's a "drop"?
I see "card drops" and "individual drops" and "all 7 drops". What does this mean?


Isengar Tussle
I did read that "All Seven Drops (Secret Lair Bundle) – December 2"
So I guess the availability of each "set/box" is called a drop
All 7 costs about $199
I see people saying there are “4-8 cards per box.” and that will include tokens.


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Here's the article about it

Revealing Secret Lair

The Drop Series consists of different "drops"—each of which is a standalone product that takes a small group of cards (usually three to five) selected around a particular theme, gives them new art (sometimes really wild new art), and then wraps them together in a customized collectable box.