Second turn, Land lock.

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  1. Offline New Member

    Ok, this is Extended. and i wouldn't mind comments on this. (as long as Train doesn't comment. I hope you understand. no hard feelings, but i know you might try to counterspell or something.)

    4 Isochron scepter
    4 boomerang
    4 hoodwink
    4 force spike
    4 mana leak
    3 counterspell
    4 brain storm
    3 words of wisdom
    4 chrome mox
    2 Capsize
    1 Masticore
    1 Indentured dijin
    1 Millstone

    4 port
    16 island

    The idea here is to lock your opponents land as soon as possible using boomerang and hoodwink. the kill is delivered by either a creature, or decking. which ever comes first. 11 counterspells make sure your opponent doesn't cast anything nasty while your trying to set up your lock. brainstorm, words of wisdom and opt are great to imprint or just use solo to draw the cards you need. I playtested for quite awhile lastnight Vs. Mono black controll and atog. it did quite well. I would drop an islan, chrome mox and isochron scepter either with a boomerang or hoodwink first turn. say go. let them play a land. then bounce it during my turn.
    I'm not going to say this is as solid as i would like it to be, but it is very strong. and worth playing i think.
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I don't play blue... so except for null brooch I'm not countering...

    As for the deck...

    What about Arcane Laboratory - just to prevent the fast mana from getting something out in extended...
  3. Offline New Member

    Arcane lab costs three. and i usually have somewhat of a lock on turn two.
    arcane lab is not needed. if my opponent is playing fast mana and is playing with something like exploration, i'll just have to deal with it as it goes. like i said...I'm not going to worry about my opponent getting the upper hand. if they do. great. theres still two more rounds, and now i know what to counter.
    i'm not too worried though. even if they do drop a big creature, or a bunch of smaller ones, they can still be bounced or taken care of with Masticore.
    Now, i have been out of extended for almost a year, I went on deployment and traveled around the pacific rim. since i've been back i haven't seen too much in extended that has me worried. Mono black controll is too slow for this deck.
    Now goblins i might have a prob with. thats where the sideboard will come in handy.
    I can stop aluren dead in its tracks. there not going to cast alurn and get the combo off on turn two, and turn three is too late for them.
    I haven't really seen anything else though. thats just what is popular up here in Washington.
  4. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I was going to say - if you're dealing with Aluren - th archetype is not played here much...

    Here it's re-animate, and goblin...

    Caltrops works the magic around here...

  5. Offline New Member

    Reanimate died here due to banning of Entomb in extended. and since the ody. block is rotating out soon, nobodys playing it in Type two either.
    I think without entomb in extended, i can beat reanimator.
  6. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    You might like two sunders in case they get too far ahead of you. Do the upheaval trick and float mana, drop the scepter with a bounce spell on it, and make sure you can play a land, so next turn you got two mana to use the scepter and they'll only have one land.

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