Season of the Witch Deck

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  1. Landkiller CPA Menace

    What do you mean "I don't know what 'Season of the Witch' is?"
    I'm aghast at your ignorance.

    Courtesy of mtgnews, here's your cheat sheet :

    Season of the Witch
    BBB, Enchantment, The Dark Rare
    At the end of each player’s turn, all of his or her untapped creatures that could have attacked but did not are destroyed. If you do not pay 2 life during your upkeep, Season of the Witch is destroyed. Effects that prevent or redirect damage may not be used to counter this loss of life.
    Illus. Jesper Myrfors

    Basically, voluntary nonaggression is punished, and it has a 2 life upkeep.

    Now, this is the deck I built to use that card, in response to an article at

    Analyze ways to build the deck, or build a better deck with SotW (Season of the Witch).

    I dare you! :p

    The Deck :
    2 Sleeper’s Robe UB
    3 Reins of Power 2UU
    3 Lobotomy 2UB
    3 Season of the Witch BBB
    3 Stalking Assassin 1UB

    4 Wall of Souls 1B
    4 Recoil 1UB
    4 Counterspell UU
    4 Undermine BUU
    4 Fact or Fiction U3
    4 Urborg Drake 1UB

    Land - 22
    3 Underground River
    4 Salt Marsh
    8 Swamp
    7 Island

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