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    Ahhh, the magic jackal finally makes a casual deck! Not really. I couldn't take credit for the deck. My friend came up w/ the combo for MBC. Basically it was a first turn kris mage, second turn use the spellshaper ability, discard an avatar, third turn cast search for survivors get back the avatar.

    I really didn't take the deck seriously for the format. I mean a single counterspell will ruin the deck. His orginal version was B/R and included divining witch and rhystic tutor.

    I think that this could be a great casual deck. I mean isn't that what avatars are made for? I don't have a decklist, since one was never made, but I'll include the key cards and let you come up w/ the rest if you are interested in playing the deck.

    Kris mage
    Search for survivors
    diving witch
    scandalmonger (I don't think your opponent will be using him much)
    Vampiric/rhystic tutor
    random avatars (woe and fury perferred)

    I imagine that this would be a great multiplayer deck. One turn all you have is a lowly kris mage, the next an avatar of woe. enjoy!
  2. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Black (14)
    - 3 Vendetta
    - 4 Dark Ritual
    - 4 Conspiracy
    - 3 Avatar of Woe

    Red (19)
    - 2 Avatar of Fury
    - 4 Kris MAge
    - 2 Squee
    - 3 Arms Dealers
    - 4 Search for survivors
    - 4 moggcatchers

    Artifact (4)
    - 2 Heart of Ramos
    - 2 Skull of Ramos

    Land (23)
    - 3 Sandstone Needle
    - 3 Peat bog
    - 8 Swamp
    - 9 Mountain
  3. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Whoa! Jackal! :) Hiya again!

    I like the idea... Search for Survivors is just waiting to be broken (or at least bent) by some enterprising casual somewhere out there. Who's to complain if it's you? :)

    I question using the Conspiracy/Moggcatcher secondary combo. As powerful as it may be, I think it makes the deck, well... Too reliant on Avatars. It seems like a smoother backup plan of basic red and black, i.e., removal and aggression would be more fitting. If you can force your opponent to deal with what you have out, via aggressive creatures and beating sticks, they might leave you alone long enough to say "Search for Survivors. Oh, look, an Avatar!"

    Problem is, spells aren't your friend. They go away, and that puts cards in the graveyard that you don't want there, since you'll be SfSing your graveyard, and you need a majority of creatures in there. So, I'd say that reusable effects that aren't spellshapers are your best bet. Let's see, that's Predator. If you do need to use Spellshapers (as you will, since there aren't many reusable effects that aren't Spellshapers in MBC), then 4 Squees are a must. You discard them to the 'Shapers, but they don't clog up the SfS. 4 Squees would be essential to a version that doesn't use the Moggcatcher/Conspiracy.

    I would see no major problems with some Arc Mages. They're removal, and powerful removal at that.

    Arms Dealer... Hmm... I would say they're good, but they don't really 'fit.' The cost is 5 mana for 4 damage, plus a lost Squee for a turn, albeit reusable damage. Problem is, you don't really need that. You can kill creatures and players more effectively with the Arcs and Kris, and Avatars are your BIG damage sources. Still good, but not more than 3.

    Actually, I'm starting to question Black in the deck at all, except for Avatar of Woe. After all, what does black provide outside Conspiracy? Removal? We've got that covered...

    This, of course, should all be taken under the wildly unsubstantiated assumption that Moggcatcher/Conspiracy isn't as good as it looks and should be removed. If it's good enough to keep, this post is moot. :) I'm assuming, here.

    "And probably assuming poorly, at that!"

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