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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Major Crime, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. Major Crime New Member

    It's been a short time :rolleyes: since I updated this on-going story. I think it was July!

    Recap, back in Feb I got asked to help run my group's Scout Section (I'm a Beaver Scout Leader, thans 6 to 8 year olds) as they had no leaders as such. This was to be for 2 months, ie until the new leaders got settled in.

    June and July saw a weekend camp, 6 boys & one tent, only took an hour to get it up. In said time the leaders had 2 mess tents, one 4 man tent and two dome tents up.
    A go at the local raft race.
    We won a five a side football tourny.

    Over August a few of the boys went to Dartmoor for a walking weekend. A number of the Scouts, Ventures and leaders from all sections went to Kandersteg in Switzerland. One of the scouts, has an over protective mother, who is still unaware that her son when over the handlebars of his montain bike at one point. This was quite funny from what I have heard, or at least the cause.
    In the UK (home to us) the left break handle is for the back break and the right one is for the front break. Unnamed scoutis doing a good speed, wishes to loss some of this speed so decides to pump back brake hard a bit. This is where he found out that on main land Europe the left lever does the FRONT BREAK :eek: not the back one. Somehow he was able to keep the bruises and the stiff arm undiscovered when he got home.

    This term numbers when up and down again, and now are back to about 12 14, from the 6 we started with. I finally got told to bog off by the new leader the week harry porter came out, so we took the troop to see it, one scout opened his pack of sweets to hard and shoot them over the row of seats in front of himself.

    So that was the end of November, now I know I'm not to hot on keeping track of dates but I think that makes quite a long 2 months.
  2. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    hmmm......6 to 8 year olds riding motorcycles? sounds scary. I wouldn't even trust my 14 year olds with snow mobils. Which I may have to since winter camp is coming up.

    I'll tell you about it when It comes up. out of my 6 years working for the scouts this will be my first wintercamp.

    hmm.....I wonder if I'll get paid. :D

  3. Major Crime New Member

    Better clear this up, before I get done for putting kids on motor bikes.

    Bikes here is used to bescride push-bikes, ie ones you peddle!

    Beaver Scouts = Tiger Cubs, I think.

    Scouts = Boy Scouts, age range of 10 to 14.
    No way are we allowed to take Beavers abroad, we are only allowed to do an inside camp which last upto 24 hours including travel.

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