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  1. yyc83 New Member

    just got this feeling to make a deck out of those cards tat just lying in my binder
    surprisingly they kick some deck
    here's the list

    1 X darigaaz
    1 X tsabo tavoc
    1 X captain sisay
    1 X molimo
    1 X verdeloth
    1 X nameta
    4 X thronscape familiar
    3 X sunscape failiar
    4 X thunderscape familiar
    1 X nightscape familiar
    2 X thunderscape battlemage
    1 X thornscape battlemage

    3 X rith's charm
    4 X darigaaz charm
    2 X surprise deplovment
    4 x terminate
    1 X aura mutation

    3 x darigaaz caldera
    2 X treva ruins
    1 X rith's grove
    2 X urborg volcano
    2 X elfhame palace
    2 X shivan oasis
    3 X swamp
    3 X plains
    3 X mountain
    3 X forest

    * surprise deplovment and verdeloth makes a good combo
    * kick some skies
    * kick some couter rebel
    * haven't kick fires
    * have to try more
    * these cards was in my binder now they bring fun to me
    * review and comments needed to make it more serious for play

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