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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Ferret, Aug 23, 2003.

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  2. DÛke Memento Mori

    Until I saw this example of degeneration, you had me spellbound by your words.

    The lack of personality never fails to avenge itself, and in this case - in your case, in the American case - it is always in the from of this "beautiful" Constitution of yours, which, with all honesty, is one of the greatest threats to mankind: it offers unworthy human beings a sense of freedom which they do not deserve. Today there are people of every sort and type (how I would love to point my finger at them and call them by name!) running around with such an obscure concept of "freedom." If I asked you what does your "freedom" mean, you will fail to tell me. You do not know what you are free to do. When freedom becomes a right, a law, it fails to be freedom and becomes something so abstract, something so inferior, to the extent that it belongs to everyone. But does everyone deserve freedom? Well then! if they at all deserve freedom they would have been free! they would need no right to protect them, no law to legalize freedom.

    When freedom becomes the rule, it also becomes a prejudice. Some of us are born with the right to remain inferior and unfree, because that is all they know - their unfreedom constitutes their entire physiological and psychological existence, their instincts, and with that, their common sense as well.

    You love your Constitution? of course you do, my friend - of course you do. Zoo animals who enjoy the right of man, too, would love your Constitution - for it equalizes man and man: everyone has the right to lay his hands, whatever hands, whatever filthy, degrading, subhuman hands, on freedom. That's not to say that they become free at that moment! No - they remain unfree, but they obtain unto themselves a type of appearance which gives them rights which they otherwise cannot have. My friend, I am not shocked at your love of freedom and your love of your country. They are respectable facets! and even appreciation and admiration for the law is necessary at all times! but let us not forget why you're in love with this piece of obscurity: because without it, today, you would be down there, where you belong. Oh my friend! I understand and admire your courage! but again you must understand: when freedom is handed to anyone, especially to those who necessarily need freedom to keep them from sinking, freedom at that day loses its value. Today where we stand, freedom has lost all value. One rather becomes unfree! it is a hundred times more free than your freedom. One rather becomes unfree! it is a hundred times more merciful and gives us few far more distant, away from you - you counterfeiters of everything good and healthy.

    My friend, life is a war! your type had from the beginning declared its war against Nature and everything Natural. Oh, of course you have! for you like giving freedom to those who Nature gave a special privilege: the right to be unfree! Life is a war, and your subtype is as I see it the victor! Lo, it appears that we are the subtypes, for we have lost to you the greatest human dignity: our Natural duties.

    Nevertheless, my war against your type has yet to begin. The dawn draws nears, and I have all my courage to spare, to overcome the fact that counterfeiters will exist! That is my greatest liberation: my liberation from your counterfeit freedom, your counterfeit existence, your Constitution, your America, your "right of the majority," your "happiness for all," and your "good."

    I will not die! without glaring at the sky and beholding for even a second the crimson atmosphere, the falling ashes, the falling eternal, of America. I too have declared a war - and my war will not end, until the downfall of the greatest anti-man: America.
  3. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker


    Might I make a suggestion: Get out. Leave this country. You hate it so much, yet you're enjoying the benefit of being here. You once spoke of fighting for your native country. Perhaps we can all take up a collection to buy you a one-way ticket.

    I see this every day as I have my whole life. People coming to our country saying how much they hate it, yet taking advantage of every little thing they can and then whining because they can't have more. You have more of an imperialist attitude than any other that live here. The worst part is that you don't wish to control, you wish merely to destroy.

    Let me issue you a challenge: quit talking about it and start DOING something about it. You loathe this nation, then why not join the "Iraqi Resistance" and go kill some Americans - BTW, I'll probably be there next year ready to defend your people from madmen such as yourself - no, I shouldn't compare you to those people. They believe in something and are willing to die for it. You, on the other hand, believe in NOTHING. You seek only to subvert. You try to tear down everyone else's beliefs without displaying any of your own. I don't see you as a person that would be willing to die for anything except for your Utopian (and Anarchistic) views.

    You talk big, but I see no action... for your earlier comments about me. You compared me to Republicans because of my view on Roy's Rock. I was defending a Federal decision over a state decision. Traditionaly, that has always been more of a Democratic point of view. You made it sound like I worship Bush. He's my Commander in Chief and I must follow his orders. I accept that. But, he's a devout Xtian and believes in Xtian ideals. I am NOT a Xtian. This is why I was against the presense of the Commandments in a government building that is supposed to stand for Justice For All - not just "god-fearing" Xtians. Before you resort to name calling, at least think through your insults.


    "Such a pitiful, spoiled child..."
  4. Apollo Bird Boy

    I don't have the energy or the will to address the pile of festering garbage that was that post you made to me. I think I can let that speak for itself in all its moronic glory.

    But I have held my tongue this time, and not pointed out the hundreds of grammatical errors, misused words, spelling mistakes, misplaced quotes, unnecessary italics, and pure nonsensical gibberish that litter your posts. So if you think my decision to use the word "dude" is rather silly, you should probably keep that thought to yourself.
  5. DÛke Memento Mori

    I am doing something about you and your types. My first book will be complete by the end of this year. Around Christmas, most likely. You think I'm just sitting hear RABBL(E)ING along, like you? Ha!

    The downfall of American is at hand! my hands...
    No. You can't point out to these "hundreds of grammatical errors" and "misused words." That's why you're little resenting head couldn't say anything, and instead decided to take its revenge as such, exactly by saying "I have held my tongue." You didn't hold anything - and if you did, you did it because you couldn't find much to satisfy your meaningless hatred. Your resentment is having no more outlets! no more rational reasons to attack me! everything "good" ends, doesn't it? and so does your resentment.

    And even if you could point out to something - it's probably just a poetic expression on my part, reversing the order of words for "effect," or playing with the spelling of the words here and there. Although, your types hardly see such things as creative - you seem them as "bad," because you resent creativity, you resent anything that thinks itself better than you - because you want everyone to be equal to your thriving experience: down below the deepest sewers, the deepest swamps known to man, the gloomiest, most modern way of living that you could possibly dictate.
  6. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Oh, that's how you're going to do that? The liberal media has been trying to do that for decades. I wish you luck. Please let us know the title of your new book so I can pick one up - I might need toilet paper.


    "Who do you think you are? Al Franken?"
  7. DÛke Memento Mori


    You modern parasites annoy me.

    You think my book will be a "direct" attack on America? or something to be in the "popular list" of books?

    On the contrary, like I've told the dearest of you all - Dune Echo - that the book will be for few. For everyone else it will be merely a bad version of toilet papers.

    This book will not attack America on a political level. No. In fact, it has not much to do with America. It attacks philosophically, which is the best sword one can hold when attacking giant parasites.

    It's not a book for you. I will send you much needed toilet paper instead. The book is for rarest of the rare, for someone like Dune Echo.

    The people who will be able to read it, lay hands on it, and be able to agree or disagree with it, or form any opinion about it whatsoever, will be rare individuals, not collective herds like yourself and Chaos Turtle.
  8. DÛke Memento Mori


    One more thing - you're sick attitude that tells me to "leave America" if I am so against it is average. Did you ever come to think that it is not exactly living in America that bothers me, but the fact that something as debauched as America exists at all? did that thought ever come into you head? Most likely not. You resort to the average advice: "just leave, then!" you tell me, you know why? because you are average. You think running away from the problem solves it. How should I be surprised! most Americans enjoy running away, concealing, delaying, "repressing" their problems - they don't like to deal with them. They mask them with "the law." The law is not a solution for the sickness. The fact that you need a law only speaks volumes about you: that you are an animal who needs a leash - you can't have respect for others, you can't love others, you can't tolerate others, unless there is a law to tell you to do so. Otherwise, you are an animal, American! you are an animal! This irreverent notion applies to all people, of course, but since I live in America, and since America and Americans think themselves "good people," in fact, “the best people!” – it is only proper to destroy their delusions, before destroying the delusions of Arabs, Europeans, and Asians.

    Sure. I can travel to Europe, my home of all places. I can flee to Canada - it is a thousand times cleaner already, even being so close to this garbage lot. But you know, in my head I cannot run away! I am not like you - I do not flee. I am responsible. It doesn't matter where I live or where I go: what matters is that I smell a problem. And it is smelling worse day by day. It only helps me living in America, in fact - I could smell all the rottenness as they are exactly, I can live with the stench so as to be honest and truthful when reporting about it: I gain experience, and not mere guesses. As painful as this job is - cleaning garbage lots - someone has to do it. Unfortunately for me, this is one of the most puke-inspiring garbage lots to ever become existent. One needs a new type of antidote, something untried hitherto – something nuclear in concept and in attitude! and all this is merely to lull the flies buzzing amidst the garbage place (you know who you are)! the garbage itself, on the other hand, requires altogether a new type of explosion! something that will shake humanity like no god has done!
  9. Apollo Bird Boy

    That is one of the funnier things you've written. As if the idea that a book could bring down America wasn't funny enough, the thought that you could ever distribute anything you've written to any kind of masses and get them to read more than a couple of pages without either closing it or hating you is simply hilarious. How do you expect to bring down America with a book when you can't even write?
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Okay, once again we got off the topic of talking about the Ten Commandments and started talking about DUke again. Much as I'm sure he's overjoyed at the attention :) , let's stop, take a breath, and either continue the current thoughts in Battle or through PMs or go back to the Ten Commandments.
  11. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Shouldn't we all be "loving thy neighbor"...
  12. Reverend Love New Member

    Said with true internet balls of brass....
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Deleted DUke's last reply to Apollo as hopefully he read it last night and I had asked for everyone to cease.

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