Rolling Thunder

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  1. cbearsbro Nightwing

    Ok, please be kind. Keep in mind: 1) First attempt at any kind of deck. I.e. No clue what I'm doing. :)I thought it'd be fun to use only creature cards with thunder/lightning in their names, or with trample/potential to trample. Spells were just things I thought would be useful. 2)I'm using only cards I actually have. If anyone has suggestions for other cards, lmk and I may try to get some.

    With all that in mind, here goes:

    Creatures (22)


    Thunderscape Apprentice x 2


    Thunderscape Familiar x 2
    Horned Kavu x 3
    Quirion Elves x 2
    Thornscape Familiar x 2


    Thunderscape Battlemage x 2


    Thunderscape Master x 2
    Lightning Dragon x 1
    Kavu Monarch x 2

    5cc or more

    Kavu Chameleon x 2
    Shivan Wurm x 1
    Avatar of Might x 1

    Spells (16)

    2 cc

    Sinister Strength x 2
    Terminate x 3
    Hull Breach x 2
    Scouting Trek x 2
    Lightning Dart x 2
    Rolling Thunder x 1
    Thunderbolt x 1
    Familiar Ground x 1


    Thunderclap x 2 (have no lightning bolts :( Must get)
    Power Matrix x 1

    Lands (24)

    10 Mountain
    8 Forest
    4 Swamp
    2 Darigaaz Caldera (?)

    Sooooo.. how badly will I get killed? ;) Tried playing it against the dominator pre-con deck (US or UD?) Kept running into problems with the counterspell/mana leak/etc... Which is why I put in the Chameleons. Least they'll make it to the table. Is the deck too slow? weak? unbalanced? (the deck, not me :p) Any comments welcome. [ (me) putting on thick skin armor ;) ]
  2. cbearsbro Nightwing

    Darn, the "Rolling Thunder" didn't show up on the subject line :( S'what I'm calling the deck for now.

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