Return of the Nightstalkers


The Tentacled One
No, not the mysterious CPA member that may or may not have once been multiple people sharing a single account. I'm referring to the actual card...

I have the notion to use this silly thing in EDH. It started out with the goal of activating Urborg Panther's ability to fetch Spirit of the Night, and I was contemplating running more nightstalkers. There aren't very many of them! Only 12 cards in the game have the nightstalker creature type, so it would be easy enough to just use all of them. And if I'm using all of the nightstalkers, I might as well use the one spell ever created that is designed to be used with them. Nevermind that it isn't actually very good and doesn't actually do very much. I'm OK with that.

Destroying all my swamps, though? In a black deck? That's a steep cost, even by my rock-bottom standards. So I'm trying to brainstorm ways to compensate for this. I'm running all 12 nightstalkers and Spirit of the Night and Return of the Nightstalkers. It's bad. How can I make it less bad? Any ideas?