Repent Your Sins and Cast OUT this heathen "GAME" of the Devil's!

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    Listen my children and listen well.
    Listen my children and head my call.

    You have been fooled by the great DECEIVER, the great CORUPTER, the great EVIL that walks amoung us everyday, tempting mortal men with a FALSE message.

    SATAN works in subtle ways. LUCIFER creeps into our souls with what seems to be an innocent game.

    This "GAME" you play is SATAN'S work.
    THE BLACK HEART OF THE BEAST permiates every card with his vile message.

    SEE the demonic forms!
    SEE the demonic messages!
    SEE the dark forces at work upon your soul!

    This "GAME" is the DEVIL'S plaything and your DOWNFALL into HELL!

    WITH every draw from the SATANIC pack of cards you hoard like gold, your IMMORTAL SOUL is pulled one inch closer to the NEVER_ENDING FIRES OF EVER_LASTING HELL!


    You do not belive me?
    You question my knowlege of GOD ALL-MIGHTY'S Will and Plan?

    Then consider this!

    A boy in my congregation, let us call him "Jim", was a fine lad, always quick to Sunday (oh blessed be that day) classes and always attentive and obediant to THE LORD THINE GOD's plan.

    Then one day, he met another boy, one we shall call "Bob". Bob convinced Jim to try a new came, a card game called Magic! He gave to young Jimmy a pack of cards similer to a witches TAROT deck and taught his to play this horrid game.

    Soon after, Jimmy stopped going to Sunday services, prefering to stay home and play this so-called game. Bob took Jim to meet new "friends" who also played this game.

    A few weeks went by, and even Jim's parents could do nothing to drag Jim away from this "game" and bring him back into GOD'S flock.

    Not suprisingly, GOD ALL-MIGHTY himself took matters into his own holy hand, and smote Jim, Bob, and all of SATAN's other minions, clensing them in the pure fire of his name by burning them inside the "shop" where they would congregate to worship the DEVIL's game.

    I plead to you to save your SOUL and forget this game and the EVIL that drives it into your hearts to replace GOD's pure and un-ending love.

    I beg you in the name of beutiful JESUS to to cast this "game" out of your homes, schools and hearts!

    Tell your friends!
    Tell your families!

    Or suffer the same fate as that of poor young Jim.

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