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Discussion in 'Battle Arena' started by Soldier, Dec 8, 2000.

  1. Soldier New Member

    Read the Creature Type War before you comment this.

    This is the Soldier army, by Soldier. No other Commander may choose the Soldier army now. Sorry! But there are Angels, Vampires, Dragons, Goblins, and MANY MORE to choose. Legends come to mind...

    Army :

    Shield Bearer
    Kjeldoran Royal Guard
    Kjeldoran Skycaptain
    Femeref Archers
    D’Avenant Archer
    Infantry Veteran
    Resistance Fighter
    Standing Troops
    Ardent Militia
    Heavy Ballista
    Longbow Archer
    Staunch Defenders
    Kjeldoran Escort
    Kjeldoran Home Guard
    Metathran Soldier
    Metathran Elite
    Dauthi Warlord
    Thalakos Scout
    Shield Mate
    Zealots en-Dal
    Combat Medic
    Icatian Infantry
    Icatian Javelineers
    Icatian Scout
    Icatian Lieutenant
    Icatian Skirmishers
    Icatian Phalanx
    Expendable Troops
    Radiant’s Dragoons
    Kjeldoran Guard
    Kjeldoran Skyknight
    Shield Bearer
    Kjeldoran Phalanx
    Kjeldoran Elite Guard
    Jungle Patrol
    Dream Fighter
    Ceremonial Guard
    Flailing Soldier
    Gerrard’s Irregulars
    Shock Troops
    Aerial Caravan
    Saprazzan Legate
    Crossbow Infantry
    Cho-Arrim Legate
    Ignoble Soldier
    Trap Runner
    Serpent Warrior
    Honor Guard
    Nomads en-Kor
    Soltari Champion
    Lancers en-Kor
    Dauthi Slayer
    Sandstone Warrior
    Renegade Warlord
    Thalakos Sentry
    Advance Scout
    Elite Javelineer
    Master Decoy
    Mounted Archers
    Soltari Foot Soldier
    Soltari Trooper
    Soltari Emissary
    Staunch Defenders
    Soltari Guerrillas
    Ranger en-Vec
    Serra Zealot
    Elite Archers
    Intrepid Hero
    Sanctum Guardian
    Seasoned Marshal
    Infantry Veteran
    Resistance Fighter
    Scalebane’s Elite
    Veteran Explorer
    Ardent Militia
    Benalish Infantry
    Foriysian Brigade
    Master of Arms
    Volunteer Reserves
    Silkenfist Fighter
    Oracle’s Attendants
    Silkenfist Order
    Branded Brawlers
    Fault Riders
    Keldon Berserker
    Keldon Firebombers
    Veteran Brawlers
    Keldon Arsonist
    Whip Sergeant
    Mine Bearer
    Llanowar Cavalry
    Firebrand Ranger
    Ardent Soldier
    Benalish Trapper
    Benalish Heralds

    Ok. I will post the rest of the Army here later, after I work out removing the duplicates, adding Mission Specialists, Terrain, Commander's Decisions, and Support Spells.
  2. Soldier New Member

    Yotian Soldier

    Security Detail (How bad is this considering the format?)

    Kjeldoran Outpost (Yeah, Baby, Yeah - thems are Soldier tokens)

    Spike Soldier

    Hidden Guerillas


    Opal Caryatid
  3. Soldier New Member

    To set an example, and motivate slackers

    My Stakes of War :

    Reverent Mantra

    Don't worry, no one else has to give two.

    I'm just doing this to get more people involved.
  4. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    My army!!!!!

    I choose ELVES!!!!!!!!! ALL ELVES ARE MY ARSENAL. You have no choice but to bow at my feet. I am the elf king and all elves are mine, dag nabbit.

    Ransac, will post more later
  5. Landkiller CPA Menace

    ooohhh....I wonder
  6. Soldier New Member

    Cool. Ransac has Elves. I will make a thread for you.

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