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    Yeah, I decided that I'd go to the Florida Regionals because my friends figured the competition would be easier, which it was. Unfortunately, I went 5-4. I got paired against decks that hate me and I made a couple of stupid mistakes.

    Here's my deck.

    Psychatog Hates Creatures

    4 Psychatog
    4 Undermine
    4 Counterspell
    3 Engineered Plague
    4 Chainer's Edict
    3 Innocent Blood
    2 Force Spike
    1 Disrupt
    2 Memory Lapse
    2 Spite/Malice
    3 Repulse
    4 Fact or Fiction

    8 Island
    5 Swamp
    3 Darkwater Catacombs
    4 Underground River
    4 Cephalid Coliseum

    3 Hibernation
    4 Lobotomy
    2 Gainsay
    1 Engineered Plague
    3 Mana Short
    2 Rushing River

    This deck kills Frog in a Blender, which was the majority deck at the tournament.It has trouble against Mono Black and Upheaval decks, though. But, I figured that the metagame was agressive, so I built a deck to stop that. The differance between this deck and other Psychatog decks is the amount of creature kill(oh my god, there's so much). The E. Plagues were he definite MVP of the deck, due to it killing ANYTHING I WANT.

    Okay, now the tournament. I don't remember my opponent's names, so I'm not posting them.

    Round one vs. Frog in a Blender w/splash Blue
    Game one- This is my first match and I'm not in the mood, yet. Plus, I get land screwed. His creatures demolish me.
    Game two- So-so had. He drops Compost, but it does matter when I have 3 plagues, 1 calling lizards and 2 calling hound. Psychatog Beats.
    Game three- see game 2. Frog can't beat me.

    Comments- Getting in my groove, getting warmed up. Gonna win and get an invite.

    Round two vs. Mono Black w/splash Red
    Game One- The game is over in about five minutes. His creatures are too big, too fast.
    Game two- I get a Plague out and name horror, so Mesmeric Fiends and Ichorid are worthless. He tries to drop creatures, but I get/kill everything.
    Game three- Close game. I made the unusual choice to side in my Mana Shorts against him. It paid off. At the end, he had 12 life and a Nantuko Shade. I had 10 life and two psychatogs. He has no cards in hand and I have about 5. During his upkeep, I Mana Short him and he pumps all his mana into the shade, even taking a point from Sulfurous Springs. He then decides not to attack. Next turn, I demolish him with an unblocked Psychatog.

    Comments- Didn't expect to win, but I topdecked the win, so I'm not too pleased with my performance so far. But, this was my best match of the day. Plus, my opponent finished either 7-2 or 8-1, so my tiebreakers kick @$$.

    Round three vs. Frog in a Blender
    Game one- Frog can't beat me.
    Game two- See game one.

    Comments- Great matchup for me. But only was he playing Frog, but it turns out he really wasn't 2-0, like me. He said he was 1-1. I checked the sheet and it turns out that he was marked as having 6 points, so the computer thinks he was 2-0. I told him he should take care of this with the judges and he said he would. I don't think he did, though.

    Round four vs. Frog, but not really Frog

    Round one- It looks like Frog, but he plays bigger creatures much faster. AND, he plays untouchable stuff, too. I couldn't handle it.
    Round two- This deck is incredible. My sideboard wasn't worth anything against him. He creams me again.

    Comments- He had a really nice deck. Actually, I was given a brief warning about it from a person I had become acquainted with earlier and it didn't help. Plus, this was the only deck I played with enchantment kill. I couldn't help it. He was a really cool guy, though. However, he ended up either 5-4 or 4-5.

    Round five vs. Mono Black w/splash Red

    Game one- I plague everything, horrors, shade, rats, he can't win.
    Game two- I had horrible topdecking skill. It came to him with 8 threats and me with 3 answers to them.
    Game three- I stall the game long enough to cast a possible game-winning Fact or Fiction. Off the top-Island, Swamp, Island, Island, Darkwater Catacombs. Before piles could be made, I responded by scooping.

    Comments- I hate Mono Black. I HATE MONO BLACK. Should've have Wash Out in S/B rather than the Hibernations.

    Round six vs Mono Black w/splash white.

    Game one- I have an awesome hand and gain control of the board on turn five. I don't look back.
    Game two- He sides in C.O.P. black and I forgot to side in Rushing River.
    Game three- I Lobotomy the C.O.P.'s but two shades on the board take care of the rest of the match.

    Comments- At this point, I went from 3-0 to 3-3. Three straight losses. I can't believe it. I consider dropping, but decide to stay due to the fact that I want to beat my last year's Regional record of 4-5.

    Round seven vs. W/U/B Something
    Game one- I don't see a single creature on his side and three of my Psychatogs hit the graveyard. With 7 cards in his hand, probably a great one due to many Opts and Sleight of Hands, and me with a 4th of my library left, thanks to a lone Millstone, I scoop.
    Game two- I actually beat him in Counter Wars and Psychatog beats him down.
    Game three- see 1st game

    Comments- After I lobotomied him, I noticed that he only had 1 millstone in his deck and one creature: a lone Desolation Angel. I couldn't figured out why I had trouble after sideboard (I sided out all my creature removal except the Edicts), but I guess he just had a better deck or was a much better player than I.

    Round eight vs. G/W Life Gain
    Game one- I let him gain as much life as he can cast and counter the creatures. Psychatog, eventually, BEATS.
    Game two- I can't draw a land and he beats me down with elves and a mystic crusader.
    Game three- I get a perfect hand and counter everything: Life-gain, creatures, you name it.I even Lobotomied his Charging Trolls when he had three of them in his hand. I beat him with, I think, 4 Psychatogs on the board.

    Comments- My opponent made some bad mistakes, like playing a Blurred Mongoose when I had a Plague out for Mongoose, already. I'm 4-4 and am determined to win the next match.

    Round nine vs. Zevatog
    Game one- I like mirror matches. Especially when my deck is better. My counterspells came more consisently and my psychatog resolves.
    Game two- He gets a couple Psychatogs in play, but I Edict all of them.

    Comments- He was screwed through most of the match. I played an Engineered Plague, that resolved, each match for zombies, so his Nightscape Familiars were useless.

    Tournament Comments- Only one of the people I came with won any product. But, I beat my piss-poor record from last year and I'm content with that. So, that being said, I hope you did better than me.

    Ransac, cpa trash man

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