Rebel Theme Beatdown

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  1. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    *Kryptonite playing in the background*
    Here's a deck I made last night, Its a modified rebel beatdown deck made for 3 player.

    Recruiting Rebels
    4xRamosian Sergant
    4xRamosian Liutenant
    2xRamosian Captain(replace one with lin sivvi?)

    Beatdown Rebels
    4xFresh Volunteers
    4xSteadfast Guard
    2xNightwind Glider
    2xThermal Glider

    4xEmpyrial Armor
    2xIsland Sanctuary
    2xEnlightened Tutor
    2xSerra's Blessing

    First game played, black mage took out some early creatures with drain lifes, green mage eventually got out a 5/6 living terrain (This is when I tought of the disenchants) he hit me with that until I got an Empyrial Armored Nightwind Glider. The game ended with a 14/13, double Empyrial Armored, Nightwind Glider.:D

    Any ideas on how to make it better?

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