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    Any card? Maybe, but I think this is somewhat obtuse. Most players would agree that Dark Ritual and Rancor are two of the best cards at what they do, and in all of Magic. For me personally, including these cards in each deck I made that has the capacity for them would be... mentally lazy? When it comes to casual Constructed, what's the point of playing if you're just going to coast with the same cards that are the best tools in the game all the time? Where's the challenge? Does anyone even enjoy playing against someone like that? If you're a competitive player, or if you don't keep multiple decks at a time, that's a different story. Otherwise... I think you use powerful cards as a "crutch", and you lack style. I'm not saying not to use Dark Ritual, I'm saying I don't like the idea of "Black? Automatic Dark Ritual.".

    And that's all totally fine. I'm not gonna rag on a guy just because he plays with his favorite black deck with Dark Ritual, Dark Confidant, Desecration Demon, etc.. I guess I'm really talking to deckcrafters (which, I think, many people on this forum are). Maybe it only applies to me because of the way I play the game (I actually play most other types of games with this mindset). I have 25 assembled decks right now, 7 of them have black, and 3 of those have Dark Ritual (yikes, even that's a lot compared to 1 deck with Rancor). If you're gonna call yourself a deckcrafter, branch out! Challenge yourself!

    The fact that something exists doesn't negate a hypothetical supposition of that thing. What I'm saying is I'm not explicitly defining exactly what all cards are "crutches", nor which environment these "crutches" are used, nor what all type of players use them.
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    Yeah, I agree.

    Because that's how you want to approach the game. That's how you want to challenge yourself or whatever. Not everyone goes about things in that way...

    Some people like to build decks in which all of the cards have the same artist. Some people like to build decks that have esoteric themes, where the cards tell a story if you know what to look at. Some people just like dragons and want to play with as many as possible. Some people don't like deckbuilding at all. I think people like you, who focus on designing practical casual decks and prefer to mix things up, are great for the game. You help make casual Magic into a special experience, something that has different things to offer from whatever the current tournament fad might be. But other people go about it in other ways, and that's legitimate too.

    You ever see Nether Void decks? I haven't actually seen one in a long time, but they used to be semi-popular. They were monoblack decks that didn't use Dark Ritual because it was disadvantageous to do so. OK, so that's competitive anyway, but still, not every black deck benefits from Dark Ritual. There could be all sorts of reasons not to use it.

    I was going to point out that this seemed like something that would generate a bizarre reverse pecking order situation. Like, 43% of your black decks use Dark Ritual, so you're critical of the laziness of someone for whom it's 100%. And then there might be someone else for whom it's only 10%, and that person might be critical of your laziness. And there could be someone else at 0%, critical of the whole lot of you. This is silly. But anyway, I reread what you actually wrote...

    It seems like you're essentially saying that, for people who want to focus primarily on casual deckcrafting, it would behoove them to diversify and find more obscure solutions to problems, rather than taking a well-beaten path. And really, I completely agree with that.

    I can't parse this, but I think that you pretty much answered the question with your previous paragraph, so whatever. What I'd meant was that players are either real or they're hypothetical. This is dependent on what you meant, anyway. There's a difference between someone who prefers to use Dark Ritual if playing black (I'd say that describes me) and someone who is actually, seriously incapable of building a black deck without the card. Like, you'd give them a bunch of black cards and swamps, and they'd just sit there, paralyzed by the lack of Dark Ritual. I'd think that the first instance describes real people, but the second is only hypothetical, that there's no one actually like that.
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    Then we have an understanding. Fantastic.

    Can we go back to talking about how awesome my deck is now?
  4. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Well, it's no Tin Fins. :p
  5. Terentius The Instigator

    Uses Dark Ritual; lacks style. :p
  6. Oversoul The Tentacled One

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