Ransac's Europe Decks: Pain

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  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    While in Europe, I was deprived of magic. So, I used my time to make some decks with the limited knowledge of Judgment that I have.

    This one is called Pain because it pains me to see that I could only remember one Judgment card that I felt could go in this deck.......and might not even be all that great.


    11 Swamp
    5 Mountain
    3 Tainted Peak
    4 Sulfurous Spring

    Creatures (15)
    4 Ravenous Rats
    4 Nantuko Shade
    4 Blazing Specter
    3 Shambling Swarm

    4 Cabal Therapy
    4 Duress
    3 Persecute
    4 Skullscorch
    3 Earthquake
    3 Phyrexian Arena
    1 Slay

    Yes, I am well aware that this deck probably bites the big poo-poo. That's where you guys, the ones that may have experienced playtesting Judgment, come in. Any critiquing is welcome. Yes, even if you wish to critique my lederhosen that I've worn on my head since my visit to Hammelburg.

    Ransac, cpa trash man

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