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  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Mogg Fanatic x4
    Hellspark Elemental x4
    Sygg, River Cutthroat x3
    Goblin Outlander x3
    Ashenmoor Gouger x3
    Boggart Ram-Gang x3

    Incinerate x3
    Lash Out x3
    Volcanic Fallout x4
    Blightning x4
    Flame Javelin x4
    Banefire x1

    Mountain x9
    Auntie's Hovel x4
    Sulfurous Springs x4
    Graven Cairns x4

    Banefire x1
    Deathmark x3
    Anathemancer x3
    Hell's Thunder x3
    Spiteful Visions x2
    Infest x3

    The only changes to the main were my newly arrived Auntie's Hovels, which replaced my swamps. I made the decision NOT to add Tarfire to the deck (potentially replacing Lash Out) due to me still highly valuing the Clash mechanic and realizing that Fanatic/Outlander/Ram-Gang would be enough goblins to untap them with consistency. Plus, if I drew into one my opening hand, the only card I want to play turn 1 is Fanatic. Either I have it or I don't.

    The sideboard changed a bit. I picked up some Infests (Courtesy of Brian from my first week) and Anathemancers, trimming out the Magma Sprays, Smash to Smithereens, Head Games and 1 Hell's Thunder. Here's how it turned out.

    Round One: Mighty Marshall with RGW Big creatures.
    Game 1: I manage to go Fanatic/Sygg on t1/t2 and kept fueling my hand with more burn. Eventually, I stick a Goblin Outlander and smash through for extra damage when he lands a Fireblast Dragon when he's at 7. I keep my guys back in hopes of a successful crack-back and he swings with the dragon, hitting me for an extra 3 and dropping me to 6. But I swing with my Outlander through his GW guys and then Banefire for the remaining 5.
    Game 2: Not much to say. I sided in Hell's Thunder to get some fast damage and and Death Mark to keep the path clear for my guys. The strategy works.

    1-0, 2-0

    In retrospect, I probably should have boarded in my Anathemancers, which would have hit for 4-5 consistently.

    Round 2: Scott with BW tokens
    Game 1: I knew I had a rough matchup here, but we had a blast with this game constantly making stupid remarks about how one should keep 6 land hands. I, on the other hand, have to toss back for a 6 card hand. I manage to land Fanatic/Outlander, but his Tidehollow Sculler strips away my hopeful Volcanic Fallout, leaving me with just a land and a Javelin in hand. I make the decision to deal the important 4 points to Scott's head and hope to topdeck more burn. I don't. He eventually gets out a Bitterblossom and a Cloudgoat Ranger to swing over my head.
    Game 2: Again, I side out the Gougers for the Hell's Thunders, which may or may not have been a mistake. I also side out 3 Fallouts for my Infests. Of course, I draw into the lone fallout early on and, of course, it gets Scullered away. However, this time, I had a Sygg in play and have a steady stream of burn continuously aimed at his head. I also managed to Lash Out back to back Knights of Meadowgrain. :D I can't recall how, but I get burned out.
    Game 3: I mulligan to 5..... and am a sad Panda. Hellspark Elemental and Hell's Thunder each get in for some, but it's not each to fend off Ajani, Glorious Anthem and several Tokens.

    1-1, 3-2.

    I'm not sure if the Thunders were the right choice, but I know I had to win this matchup fast if at all.

    Round 3: Travis (?) with 5cc
    Game 1: Good matchup for my deck, as I just keep dealing damage while he creates a mana-base. I'm careful not to unearth anyone early and keep playing burn and different creatures, as the unearthing will be handy once his countermagic comes online. I also Blightning when he has only 2 cards left, nabbing TWO Mulldrifters. He gets a Wall of Reverence in play that blocks a Ram-gang, but I Lash Out after it gets the 3 counters and bash through next turn.
    Game 2: I side in Anathemancers, Death Marks (for the walls and Broodmate Dragons), Hell's Thunders (unearth is great) and the other Banefire (in case I need more reach). Again, I start dealing damage early. when he plays his fourth land untapped and passes the turn, I smell Cryptic Command. I choose to attack without playing my creature for that turn and he Commands to tap and draw, allowing me to play a post-combat Ram-gang. The next turn, he drop a Wall, but I Death Mark it AND Anathemancer for 4 and bash in, dropping him to 5. He Broodmates the following turn, but I Anathemancer the following turn as well, dealing the final 5.

    2-1, 5-2

    This match went about as it should've and made be realize exactly how good Anathemancer is. Perhaps it SHOULD be main deck as it can be faster than the Gougers. More playtesting will help me.

    Round 4: DJ Mike with Bant.
    Round 1: Ugh.... Bant.... lifelink..... ugh.... We both have to mulligan and I manage to beat through enough early with an Outlander holding back a War Monk and burn through for the win.
    Round 2: He sides in Mark of Asylum (or something of the like), so his creatures are untouchable (save for the Death Marks I sided in). He Meddling Mages Blightning, which is fine since I hadn't drawn any yet. He eventually clutters up the board and drops a Reveillark which swings in for the win.
    Round 3: I have to mulligan again and he again drops mark of Asylum, but I have Hellspark Elementals and Hell's Thunders, so I'm good.... until he Meddling Mages for Hell's Thunder..... damn...... I drop another Outlander and this game gets stalled out to "time." He's at 5 and can't kill me on his turn 4, so I have to top deck a Death Mark to take out Gaddock Teeg, allowing me to Flame Javelin his dome and sac the Mogg for the win... I don't topdeck the Mark so it's a draw.

    2-1-1, 6-3-1

    Fun matchup, though Mike seemed less than thrilled. Blightning must be a good matchup for his deck, but Outlander slows it to a crawl. I did not side in the Anathemancers against him as he ran several Basics + Terramorphic Expanse, and never had more than 3 non-basics in play.

    Round 5: Raven with Naya
    Game 1: Not much to say, I manage to Lash Out and Incinerate her Nacatl's and other weenies away before they can pick up Behemoth Sledge. I Ram-Gang and Hellspark all the way.
    Game 2: While siding, I wished for my Smash to Smithereens to be in the board, but it didn't matter. She doesn't get a creature until t4 and I have Sygg in play, constantly drawing burn for the win.

    3-1-1, 8-3-1

    Small crowd this week and I end up 6th out of 16 people. It turns out 4 people went 3-1-1 and I had the worst tie-breakers. But, I manage to continue my trend of 3 wins out of 5 rounds that I've been keeping here. Better luck to next week.... and potentially maindecked Anathemancers....

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. Shabbaman insert avatar here

    Anathemancers are so great in this deck. I love the card, it let's you smash all those fancy expensive mana bases. And it's a zombie, hurray. Why don't you run Terminate? Perhaps you should tweak your numbers a bit, all those 3-ofs point to sloppy deckbuilding ;) I mean, you should be able to make a choice between Incinerate and Lash out, or Gouger and Ram-gang.
  3. Modus Pwnens Eligible for User Title

    You do know that you can still unearth Hell's Thunder while the Meddling Mage is in play right?
    Otherwise, I believe the Anethemancers are definitely better than the Gougers..
    Combined with Sygg, Outlander and Ram-Gang, you might even want to consider the Jund Hackblade as well :)
  4. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Shabbaman: I agree. The 3-of concept needs to be ironed out, but I've yet to determine what's better. I don't run terminate because I've decided that I really want to build the deck around the Sygg Engine and have every non-land deck in the deck capable of dealing damage to aid in drawing that extra card. Additionally, the creature I'm most interested in dealing with is Burrenton Forge-Tender, which doesn't die to it. The Death Marks in sb do.

    MP: I did know that unearth works around the Mage. He dropped the Mage on his 3rd turn (after the Mark). I don't recall what I had played turn three, but it wasn't one of my Hell's Thunders. I think it was a Ram-Gang that I drew into. I agree with you about the Anathemancers better than the Gougers, though sometimes a 4/4 body is great in applying pressure. I think the Gouger will end up getting the axe. I like Jund Hackblade, but I don't run Figure of Destiny and really would want him to apply that pressure on turn 2.

    EDIT: Additionally, I'd like to point out that I never had a problem getting my Auntie's Hovels untapped without running Tarfire.

    Ransac, cpa trash mane

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