Ransac once again plays in a tournament: Pt. 4

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  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I decided to try my hand at the Friday tournament and see if the crowd was any different. I saw a few of the same Tuesday faces, but about the same unfamiliar faces. I heard a buzz before the tourney that no one was playing tokens, which made me very happy. I strapped up my ol' Blightning/Sygg except that I made two big changes: I moved the Syggs to SB and removed Blightning entirely....

    Anathemancer x3
    Ashenmoor Gouger x3
    Boggart Ram-Gang x4
    Goblin Outlander x3
    Hell's Thunder x2
    Hellspark Elemental x4
    Mogg Fanatic x4

    Other Spells
    Banefire x1
    Everlasting Torment x2
    Flame Javelin x4
    Incinerate x3
    Terminate x4
    Volcanic Fallout x3

    Mountain x9
    Auntie's Hovel x4
    Graven Cairns x4
    Sulfurous Springs x4

    Anathemancer x1
    Chaotic Backlash x3
    Deathmark x3
    Infest x3
    Spiteful Visions x2
    Sygg, River Cutthroat x3

    "Wait a sec... You took out Blightning?!?!?!" Yeah, I did. When I took out Sygg in an effort to make the Main Deck more aggressive in the early game, I realize that Blightning was the only direct damage card I had that wasn't an instant, save for the lone Banefire. I'd much rather play my permanents on my turn and my burn on my opponent's turn, so I pulled them out. I wanted the counter decks to not be able to stop any of my burn without tapping down on their turn, so I decided I'd at least give it a shot. And yes, I'm still aware that my deck has a lot of 3-ofs. This was due to the late addition of two Hell's Thunders when I noticed a good bit of wrath and counter in the room (plus, seeing 5 decks with little/no basic-land). So, I shifted an Anathemancer to the SB and dropped 1 Gouger to make room. Syggs would come in against the big fat Green decks that would require my creatures to chump more to I can burn over their head, however this strategy only worked in one of the two matches I actually boarded him in. Let's see if I can break my streak of 3-X-X out of 5 rounds I've posted since I've been there.

    Round 1: Some Guy with WUB control
    2-0. Game 1 he only had 2 lands. Game 2 he couldn't handle my unearth guys. He kept using the "Sower to steal your guy' method to try to overwhelm me, but Volcanic Fallout kept killing his guy while leaving my Ram-Gangs alive.

    1-0, 2-0

    Round 2: Raven with RGW 5 power matters
    1-2. The fact that she played creatures that would require multiple burn to stop should I not have a Terminate or Deathmark really took a lot of wind outta my lungs. Whoever went first won their game. In Game 2, I managed to deal 15 by turn 4 to help for that win, but Woolly Thoctars and Wild Nacatls are apparently a problem for me if I don't have the straight-up removal. Oh... and NO non-basic lands, so Anathemancer was a dead card. She used Borderposts to fix her mana.

    1-1, 3-2

    Round 3: Dan? with alter UB preconstructed
    2-0 He's not as seasoned as the regulars here and really seemed uneasy with a lot of the newer mechanics. I talked him through a lot of the plays to help him understand what he can/should do. Turns out that UB by its nature gave me a lot of problems, though it may have been that I kept a slow hand in game 1.

    2-1, 5-2

    Round 4: Scrub (that's his name) with Sanity Grinding
    2-0. Game 1, his turn 3 sanity grinding nets 21 cards... and a couple of unearth creatures ready to pounce on him until he's dead. He then makes the comment that he can't win against a RDW style deck. Game 2 was atrocious. Turn 4 sanity grinding.... for 4. That's right. 7 lands, two Broken Ambitions and a Boomerang were what he revealed. A few turns later I attacked with 3 Mogg Fanatics and he tapped out to play Evacuation, which I responded with Flame Javelin and saccing my Moggs to drop him to a quick 6. With a Hell's Thunder in bin and two Hellsparks in grip, this one was over.

    3-1, 7-2

    Round 5: Greg with Cascade.
    2-1. His lifegain is causing me problems. Finks and Capture Sunlight keeps him out of burns reach while I exhaust my resources. He eventually sticks an Enlisted Wurm and bashes for the win. Game 2 saw me deal 14 by turn 5 with an Everlasting Torment in play. Game 3 turned out to be fairly interesting as his own Wheel of Sun and Moon would stop his Finks from persisting in his own effort to keep his cascade engine churning. Twice he cascaded into a Path to Exile with no target for him to hit. Sygg was a good sideboard choice here and it kept supplying burn to get through his lifegain. Back to back Anathemancer finishes the game.

    End result: 4-1, 9-3, 5th place

    Just as I was shocked that my 3-1-1 finish took 3rd a few weeks back, I was flabbergasted that 4-1 took 5th out of ~25 people, but there were two more 4-1's and some 4-0-1's, plus only two of my opponents ended up above .500. Oh well. Better luck next time!

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. Shabbaman insert avatar here

    So how did the Everlasting Torment treat you? Goblin outlander should help against RGW, as would Grixis Grimblade (but not as much as the Outlander). Outlander appears to block about every creature in the format... But you might have been unlucky that your opponent didn't run any nonbasics. Very budget concerned I guess.
  3. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    The Everlasting Torment helped out in Rounds 1, 2 and 5, shutting off lifelink in 2 and 5 and making Wall of Reverence a bad move in Round 1. The Outlander is without a doubt what makes the deck work in the metagame of the shop at which I play.

    Yeah, I think the Round 2 pairing was turned from a good to a bad matchup by my removing of Blightning and Lash Out, as those cards made it hell for her when we played a few weeks back. The Fallouts were all but dead against her, as were the Anathemancers. Gougers were pretty bad, too.

    Grixis Grimblade is an interesting thought... how... is my deck really 1/4 gold/hybrid? Wow..... It feels like I'm almost playing a RDW variant in its current state.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Keep the reports coming! I'm always interested in reading them, though I don't play Standard myself...

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