Random cool plays, or why I'm glad Overrun is back

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  1. Apollo Bird Boy

    The following is a very short tournament report. I'm writing it just cause I feel like writing it. It will have no strategy information; in fact, we played team.

    I went to a tournament today. I called ahead, and found out it was Type 1. So I showed up with what I thought was a pretty good Sligh deck and a couple of other random fun decks, and they tell me it's team type 1. Share mana, share life (40).

    Not only is this the stupidest format in the world for a tournament (combo decks just win), but Sligh royally sucks in it. So I took a look at the other decks I brought with me, and decided to play the "counter" deck. Not counterspells, but fun creature counters. Saprolings, Squirrels, Spikes, Processors. With nothing else to go with, I played with that. Short story, the young kid (say, 12-13) I was randomly paired with and I ended up in third. Both of our losses were to a kid who had a Stasis deck and a Tax/Assault deck. He made his partner use the Tax deck, and basically played them both. Not that I'm bitter.

    But in between, we had some other good matches.

    In the first, we won despite a combined total of 4 Routs killing something like 5 Verdant Forces and possibly upwards of 50 random counters.

    In between rounds, I impress the surrounding people with my mastery of card throwing. One kid begs me to throw a card into his arm. I don't.

    Another was against a kid with a U/W/G deck that was coutners and Treya and Charging Trolls and some other stuff and a kid with a Merfolk deck. Game one takes forever. I play some cool stuff, get 2 Verdant Forces, 2 Deranged Hermits, lotsa Elves and Spikes, etc. The U/W/G kid had Teferi's Moat naming green. I had piles and piles of tokens just sitting there looking stupid. My partner, meanwhile, was holding off Treya with the new B/W Spirit Link-type card. My Creeping Molds had been Quashed several turns back. We got down to 23, they were still at 40. Now, this tournament had a 1/2 hour per game time limit, so we got down to the last 5 turns. We couldn't do anything in our first couple turns, so we got down to the last turn. My partner topdecks a Disenchant. Wheeee! I Overrun, and attack with a mountain of little guys.

    You know how people always talk about their opponent's life totals on the score sheet? Well, on my score sheet the life went from 40 to -61.:)

    In game 2, there isn't much to tell. We got very little, and the Merfolk guy got 3 Rootwater Thieves and 3 Lord Of Atlantis. Ugh.

    Game 3, I get an interesting hand. 3 Deranged Hermits. Unfortunately, after I play the first, it gets snapped and our opponents play a Meddling Mage naming Hermits. Then, he plays a Treya and an Armadillo Cloak. One attack gets through, leaving us at 26 (due to some early Merfolk) and them at 69 (they named green; I had lots of tokens). Then, a Spike Weaver comes out to save us for a little while. They bounce the Spike and the Meddling Mage, replaying it and naming the Weaver. So on the next turn, with the help of Gaea's Cradle, Rofellos, and my partner, I play all 3 Hermits to give us a total of 16 3/3 Squirrels. They attack with Treya (keeping lots of blockers back), and my partner has a random flying guy to throw in the way for a turn. The next turn, I pay all kinds of echo.

    And topdeck the Overrun. The Squirrel hordes charge.

    This scoresheet goes from 40 to 69 to -27.

    So I dealt a total of 197 damage in 2 turns. Can't beat that.:)

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