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  1. Landkiller CPA Menace

    I want to make a Red/White/Green IBC deck...Here's my base to work from... This is an untuned casual deck that surprises me with both it's versatility and ferocity, and the intelligence required to use it. I'd love to play this in either type II or IBC, but, since it's mostly Invasion stuff, that will be the priority.

    Creatures --
    1 x Reya, Dawnbringer -- must go
    1 x Sparkcaster -- would upgrade to Shivan Wurm, most likely
    2 x Thornscape Battlemage
    1 x Troubled Healer -- not IBC, needs to be replaced
    4 x Thornscape Familiar -- deck MVP
    1 x Llanowar Knight
    2 x Flametongue Kavu
    2 x Blastoderm -- not IBC, need to be replaced
    2 x Fleetfoot Panther
    1 x Ancient Spider
    1 x Aurora Griffin
    1 x Slingshot Goblin
    1 x Radiant Kavu

    1 x Restock
    1 x Death or Glory
    1 x Ghitu Fire
    1 x Assault/Battery
    1 x Mages' Contest -- Never have EVER drawn this card
    2 x Magma Burst
    2 x Hull Breach
    2 x Aura Blast
    2 x Gerrard's Command
    4 x Eladamri's Call -- MAKES the deck function

    Mana Support
    1 x Moss Diamond
    2 x Star Compass
    2 x Harrow

    4 x Rith's Grove
    2 x Terminal Moraine
    1 x Brushland -- Not in IBC
    1 x Karplusan Forest -- Not in IBC
    1 x Keldon Necropolis
    3 x Plains
    4 x Mountain
    5 x Forest

    1 x Artifact Mutation
    2 x Aura Blast
    2 x Flametongue Kavu

    Well, it looks like a pile, right. The Eladamri's Call gets the right creatures, and the decks' mana is really quite excellent. But, since no one I know plays competitevely anymore, it's hard to say. This rolls over them. But then again, so would any deck I've played. I think a strong deck could be made using Eladamri's Call in a Survivalesque way. I also think R/G/W is the way to go. Thornscape Familiar is a beast.

    Gerrard's Command and Magma Burst are pretty poor cards, and would be my first removed from the deck.

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