R/W Boros Justice League (casual)

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    For your comments and review, a R/W deck of the utmost mana intensity. Does this fool of a magic player even care about mana curves?

    Eh...but it's so fun to play right?

    -Boros Justice League of Ravnica-

    Brightflame 2

    Rally the Righteous 3
    Temper 2

    Mana Flare 3
    Breath of Fury 3
    Master Warcraft 4
    Concerted Effort 2

    Skyknight Legionaire 4
    Courier Hawk 3
    Boros Swiftblade 3
    Sunhome Enforcer 2
    Firemane Angel 2
    Blazing Archon 2
    Razia Boros Archangel 1
    Agrus Kos... 1

    Sunhome 2
    Boros Garrison 3
    9 mountains
    9 Plains

    Pretty straightforward stuff. I figured the manaflares are a necesity to run this deck because of its really heavy handed 6-9cc creatures and the intensity of trying to combo Master Warcraft with Rally the Righteous/Breath of Fury.

    I like the synergy things have with Concerted Effort though it would make keeping a courier hawk alive crucial and the sunhome is there to make sure I can give everything doublestrike when concerted effort checks incase those swiftblades aren't too swift. I may just use the Oathsworn Giant instead of Concerted Effort though, but I do like everything getting flying. I'm also tempted to use Akroma...but not too pressed about it. May drop the swiftblade instead because the only way I really pump him is with rally the righteous, instead should I use sunforgers and loxodon warhammers to give everything trample? I think that may conflict with the breath of fury though.

    May drop some of the concerted effort aspect (save for another deck) and ride with oathsworn giants and sunhome enforcers (makes good use of the the manaflare) though the evasion from flying can really help get Breath of Fury off without having to use a Master Warcraft.

    I've included tempers to pump creatures early like when I recklessly throw my boros swiftblade at you.

    Well, what do you think?

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