R/G multiplayer deck: Manaburst

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  1. krichaiushii New Member

    So I'm running out of good names... so sue me.

    This deck has its origins in flipping through my binder and finding useful cards not in decks, then seeing a card that would work quite well with Goblin Medics. So I hit upon the idea to use cards that provide and abuse lots of mana, with Goblin Medic tricks on the side. Quantities are based on current ownership, not necessarily on playtested experience.

    Without further ado...


    Creatures: (28)
    4x Storm Shaman
    4x Kird Ape
    4x Goblin Medics
    4x Skyshroud Elf
    4x Llanowar Behemoth
    3x Hollow Warrior
    2x Ridgeline Rager
    2x Sandscout Warrior
    1x Viashino Heretic

    Not Creatures: (20)
    4x Fanning the Flames
    3x Vernal Bloom
    3x Mana Flare
    2x Snag
    2x Helm of Obediance
    2x Magma Mine
    1x Volrath's Gardens
    1x Regrowth
    1x Goblin Wardrums
    1x Balance

    Land: (24)
    12x Mountains
    12x Forest

    The Balance is not a typo, the white mana required would come from a Skyshroud Elf. Overall, this deck lets me play with cards that have not been out of my box in years, as well as brings into play a deck idea (the Goblin Medics) that I've kicked around since the card was released. I actually get to play tonight (knock on wood...) so we shall see how it works.

    Comments are always welcome.
  2. galtwish Loudmouth

    Earthcraft would be great, especially with the Medics and the X spells.

  3. krichaiushii New Member

    I knew I forgot something! And I even have one or two sitting in my binder... tap a creature to untap a land, right? SOME fun with the rest of the deck... ;)

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