R/g Control... sorta

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  1. Densmore New Member

    Geting back into magic after 6 months
    of me not reading anything magic related untill about a week ago got me into a veritable frenzy of deck making.
    Got an idea for a R/g control deck,and here it goes:

    4-aether flash
    4-stone rains
    4-dwarven landslides
    4-hull breach
    4-river boa
    4-chimeric idol
    3-fire diamond
    2-moss diamond
    4-shivan oasis is it?

    4-elvish archers
    4-elvish lyrist
    3-elvish champion
    4-giant growth

    the main deck is extremly reature hostile with land destruction to slow the opponent down. Id like to think i can put out a boa or idol after the flashes and earthquakes kill the opposing creature and win with them or a massive earthquake.
    The sideboard is for surprise value, Isnt exactly what i have in mind but you get the idea.

    I was also thinking of going creatureless,opting for more removal and winning via millstones or seismic assault.

    any suggestions or alternate decklists would be appreciated.
  2. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    River Boa isn't Type 2 anymore. Try Thornscape Battlemage instead.

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