R/g beats, budget style!

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  1. Demon New Member

    Hey all, wow it's been a long time since I checked this place out, glad to see it's still active! :D

    So, I'm thinking about trying out this deck in a non-sanctioned, relaxed Vintage tournament, but also maybe keeping it for regular play.

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be most appreciated!

    Land (23):
    1x Wooded Foothills
    2x Taiga
    12x Mountain
    8x Forest

    Creatures (16):
    4x Kird Ape
    1x Mogg Maniac
    1x Fangren Firstborn
    4x Flametongue Kavu
    4x Blastoderm
    2x Streetbreaker Wurm

    Direct damage/removal (8):
    4x Lightning Bolt
    1x Shock
    2x Magma Jet
    1x Sudden Shock

    Support/utility (13):
    3x Rancor
    2x Hull Breach
    1x Artifact Mutation
    4x Book Burning
    1x Browbeat
    2x Fires of Yavimaya

    looking forward to reading your comments,
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Firstly, this deck is Legacy-legal. I would think you'd want to use it in a Legacy tournament over a Vintage tournament.

    As for the deck itself...

    Why Mogg Maniac? It doesn't look like much else in the deck has synergy with it and you're only using one copy anyway? I'd take it out for something better. Fangren Firstborn is good, but it has a heavy green mana requirement. Unless it's working out really well for you, I'd pull it out for something that's easier to cast. The rest of your creature choices look, from my rusty grasp, to be pretty good for the deck.

    Shock is okay, but I'd prefer Chain Lightning, Incinerate, or Seal of Fire, depending on what kind of effect you want. I've found Seal of Fire to usually be superior to Shock.

    I've never played with Magma Jet, but it looks like a stronger burn spell such as Incinerate would be better in those slots. I could be wrong about this, especially if you play against a lot of decks with no big creatures. Sudden Shock looks kind of weak. I'd much prefer the regular old Shock over it. Two mana for two damage is bad, and it doesn't even have the scrying thingy that Magma Jet has.

    Rancor is awesome. I'd hunt down a fourth copy and add more creatures that can use it, like Ghazban Ogre or whatever.

    Hull Breach is pretty good and if your metagame calls for it, should stay. But Artifact Mutation is a bit more situational. If you're playing against decks that don't provide big targets for it, then you've got a dead card. And since you only have one copy, you're less likely to draw it on those occasions where you do want to have it.

    Why does this deck have Book Burning? You have zero other effects in this deck that mill the opponent or take advantage of the opponent having been milled. You have no threshold cards. Book Burning in this deck does absolutely nothing. Using four copies of a card that does nothing is a good way to handicap yourself. But if you're actually trying to win, replace it with a card that does something. Browbeat, on the other hand, isn't too bad. But I'd still cut it for something else, as there are a lot of good cards a red/green beatdown deck can use.

    Fires of Yavimaya is an excellent card for a R/G beatdown deck. I'd recommend keeping the two copies you have, adding two more, and adding more creatures to take advantage of them.

    Tag Guard
  3. KingAlanI New Member

    I had a nice R/G beast deck that worked pretty well, but it wasl lost. (perhaps stolen)
    It had more green than red, and mostly Beasts from Onslaught/Legions. (Onslaught/Legions/Scourge is a great source for any deck focusing on any one creature type, as creature type was a major theme of that block.
    I had mostly commons, a few cheap uncommons.

    Tribal Unity
    Cost: (X)(2)(G)
    Card Type: Instant
    Rules Text: Creatures of the type of your choice get +X/+X until end of turn.

    (I should get some of these for my Sliver deck, coem to think of it.)

    Name: Krosan Warchief
    Set & Rarity: Scourge uncommon
    Cost: (2)(G)
    Card Type: Creature - Beast
    P/T: 2/2
    Rules Text: Beast spells you play cost (1) less to play.
    (1)(G): Regenerate target Beast.
  4. Demon New Member


    Legacy, eh? I'll have to check that out...

    I wanted to include Seals of Fire, and a regular Shock instead of Sudden Shock, but didn't leave myself enough time to look through my collection to find any more - ah well, it was only a for-fun tournament anyway. Points well taken though.

    Mogg Maniac was basically 'cos I didn't think I had enough creatures in the deck, and it was handy (only 1 as I only own 1). Good point re: the casting cost on Fangren Firstborn, I pulled it from my beast deck to try out in this (again, wanted more creatures and he was right there :) )

    Agreed on Artifact Mutation.

    Book Burning? I dunno, I just like it, but point taken re: efficiency.


    hmm, tribal unity, don't think I currently have enough creatures of the same type in the deck, but might try it in my beast deck (where I already have the Warchief) when I reassemble it. Although, if I meld the two decks together, hmm...
    Good suggestions all around, thanks!
  5. WalkerofAeons New Member

    Firstly, keep sudden shock! I cannot stress how important this is. Wild Mongrel, Psychatog, etc demand sudden shock. Fires of Yavimaya, great suggestion.

    Also, with those one-drops, maybe Scab-Clan Mauler would make the deck? Seal of fire is good, as is Skizzik - a $1 rare, and absolute beater!

    Magma Jet is good, but so is Incinerate (played with both) and it depends on what you are looking for. But do drop the Burnings - you can't use them here.

    Otherwise, fun deck. Enjoy it!

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