R/B Land Kill...need help


Fire Slinger

Black Creatures
2 Goham Djinn
2 Nether Spirit
3 Primeval Shambler

Red Spells
3 Cave-In
3 Hammer of Bogardan
3 Lightning Blast
2 Pillage
4 Scorching Lava
4 Stone Rain
1 Tectonic Break

Black Spells
4 Dark Ritual
4 Rain of Tears

Gold Spells
3 Plague Spores
1 Void

2 Archaeological Dig
12 Mountain
1 Sulfurous Springs
10 Swamp
1 Urborg Volcano

Here's the current version of my deck. I works really well most of the time. I've been thinking of adding Rystic or Vamp Tutors. Im also picking up 2 more Pillages and a Tectonic Break