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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Genesis, Dec 23, 1999.

  1. Genesis New Member

    The 5 lands from Urza's Legacy that can become a creature has brought me into aruements with one of my friends.

    He has an Engineered Plague and declared Fairies as its creature type target.

    I have a Faerie Conclave in play and Iturned it into a creature and he told me that it will die because of the E. Plague. I told him it will live because it's only a blue creature with no creature type. It only counts as land.

    In general, when these UD lands becomes creature, what creature type do they become?

    Is it possible to declare LAND when you cast Engineered plague in order to affect them?

    Well, our opinionswill surely help


    Captain Genesis
    GAB Quartz Team
  2. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Actually, I don't think the man-lands have a creature type. They have a name which is irrelevant. What creature type is the Treetop Village and Ghitu Encampment? Forbidding Watchtower anyone? It certainly isn't a Wall which might be the most appropriate type. I don't think Land is the creature type either. That part I'm not sure about. But I know that Faerie Conclave does not count as creature type Faery.

    Is land a creature type once a land is animated?
  3. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    I wonder if you could use an Engineered Plague or Coat of Arms for Lands...Imagine the fun you could have w/ an all Land deck (w/ a couple of Nature's Revolts in for good measure).


    "I'm Inspired! I'm working on a new deck type! Beware!!!!"
  4. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    'Fraid not. The Legacy lands have no creature type, so they aren't affected by Coat of Arms or Engineered Plague.

    However, for a mostly land deck, Bravado makes a cool suprise... Activate another land, get +1/+1. No one sees it coming.

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
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  5. theorgg Slob

    ok. here comes my big simi-rules lawyerin ass.

    for the first question: the legacy man-lands have no creature type. same as all the old rulings on the factory.

    two: when declairing a creature type, it can have no other meaning in magic and cannot be over one word; obsinities not tolorated in sanctioned events(no player tokens, no creature-creatur tokens, no land tokens.) same thing applies to caller of the hunt, enginerd plague, and buttwheasles go to bed...

    insanitie rains.

    but only in my brains...

    look at the crains!

    you can't! there in my brains! 8{ )


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    His horse was tasty, too.

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  6. Genesis New Member

    thanks for your inputs.

    it really helps.
  7. Shadowfire New Member

    I have to agree with everyone else here. Unless the cards texts states that it counts as creature type it has no creature type.

    just my thoughts

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