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    In the new inquest they say that prophecy is about how the Kelds are fighting with the rest of dominaria. It could be an interesting story. Expect red to be extra powerful in Prophecy!
  2. Apollo Bird Boy

    I don't think that you can judge the power of a color based on the storyline. After all, in Urza's the only thing that natrure did was get destroyed, and it was extremely powerful. And much of the story revolved around the Phyrexians, and black didn't especially stand out from the other colors (although it isn't like it was awful).

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    (The Magic Jackal contemplates over Apollo's statement)
    Black not good in Urza block? Isn't their a card called yagmoth's....something? oh yeah, yagmoth's bargain! Anyway I wouldn't say that the urza's block really had a lot to do with the Phyrexians. It really had to do with Dominaria's preperation of the Phyrexian Invasion.

    Red has also gotten Sh*t in the last two sets. What is the best red card so far in MB? Seal of fire. Squee/Flowstone overseer comes in second.

    White and black have gotten good stuff. Rebel is a powerful deck, and the merc deck is underrated.

    Blue has gotten decent cards. It definitely has a feeling of going back to the old school blue/white control deck.

    As usualy, green gets big creatures, and small fast creatures. And for some strange reason, green also got a really powerful enchantment(saproling burst).

    That leaves us with red. What comes to mind? Crap, crap, crap, and more crap.

    I think it's time to give red back its diginity. (I am aware that this is way off topic, but i don't care :))
  4. Gryphonclaw New Member

    Hey, you started it, you can take it where you like.

    Anyway, red has never been all that bad, (or good) IMHO, it's been more of an even, balanced sort of color. (Outside of Sligh, ukkk) *Gryphonclaw washes his mouth out with soap*

    Anyway, what about Wildfire? Hasn't this card been kinda dominant lately? And Techtonic break? Red has been fine, and will likely continue to be so.

    Although it may finally get some decent stompy type cards, like a Balduvian Horde replacement.
  5. arhar Member

    Actually, in Urza's block all colors have gotten good cards, but blue and black have gotten ABSOLUTELY broken cards (Time Spiral, Windfall, Academy, Stroke of Genius, Yawgmoth's Will and Bargain), that's why you could get the impression that there are no good cards for red. I agree that BURN cards got castrated in recent years by WOTC though

    "Shock? Seal of Fire? Shower of Sparks? Death Spark? I WANT MY LIGHTING BOLT!!!!"
  6. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Unfortunately, red predominated in '98 for so long, that Lightning Bolt and Incinerate were deemed too powerful and we get Shock. While I agree that they can print any number of crappy burn cards if they would just bring back Lightning Bolt (what's so damned unbalanced about it anyway?), Deadguy Red's success has killed red for a while. Personally, I'm kinda glad I don't have to worry about going to any kind of gathering, see a scrub kid player and worry about a turn 3 clock. However, this is casual, and although we can use anything, I too would like some more mint Lightning Bolts. Mine are pretty worn.
  7. Apollo Bird Boy

    Black had the two really powerful cards, which were quickly neutered by bannings (except for Bargain in type 2), but other than that, actually had very little. So I meant it was pretty good, but it didn't really stand out. I would like to see red get better, because the only viable red deck you can play is land destruction, which puts me to sleep faster than listening to my math teacher. However, I don't think you can decide it will improve just because Keldons are in the storyline. But who knows, I guess we'll see.

  8. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Well, by the reasoning that setting determines a color's strengths, look at Urza's block. Red was set in Shiv for crying out loud. Shivan Dragon anyone? You know, THE DRAGON?! Kelds do not mean strong burn... unfortunately.
  9. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I ant wait to see what all the legends do. I love legends...

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