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  1. jorael Craptacular!

    I like it. It's not as eternal as buyback is, but they made it cheaper. Add some card drawing or hana kami to your splices and you can keep on going.

    Counterspells get rid of the played spell, not the splices ones, so in that way it's more resistant to counters than buyback was.

    The 2 important questions: how many arcane spell (with and without splicing) will there be in Betrayers and Saviors? And how good (or broken.... :rolleyes: ) will they be? It is a mechanic that can't be (easily) combined with other cards, so I hope they'll print a boatload more of it :)

    Reweave is very fun by the way. I once prevented 2 players from getting their urzatron complete (tower, mine, powerplant) by letting them sac their tower, hehe.
  2. Force of Will Smith New Member

    All they have to do, is print more 1 casting cost arcane spells, preferably as instants.

    Through the breach has potential, reweave is actually really good. It's a reusable polymorph. Reweave+blinkmoth well+darksteel colossus, etc.

    I've seen people run arcane in Red deck wins.. 4 glacial rays and 4 lava spikes does an amazing job, even if you're just going to...

    cast spike for R deal 3, splice glacial for 2.
    then cast a glacial with a 2nd glacial spliced.
    then cast the original for another 2.

    It doesn't always have to be about insane recurring just being able to reuse a card is good.

    Also if arcane spells have the same splice and casting cost, they're most likely good. candles glow, glacial and kodoma's are good examples of this.

    So if they make more spiritcrafters, any more reusable arcane spells (like petals of insight) OR any other good arcane (like another land into play spell) it has potential. Or if they're another way to retrieve arcane other than hana kami+soulless revival.

    It definately has potential it's just a little slow/ needs more support.

    All it would take is 2 more good splicable burn arcane spells to make red good. Possibly one that costs 1RR and one for 3R rouding casting costs 1-4.

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