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How much do you like Blue?

I love Blue 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I like Blue 13 vote(s) 34.2%
Blue is okay 8 vote(s) 21.1%
I don't like Blue 9 vote(s) 23.7%
I hate Blue 8 vote(s) 21.1%
  1. Killer Joe Active Member

    No reply neccessary :D !
  2. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    ...but I'm going to anyway, since I'm a non-conformist.

    I said that blue was OK, but that's mainly because I play black almost exclusively, and the only experiences I have with blue are a couple of times playing a crappy counterspell deck and playing against reallly strong blue decks that have slaughtered me.

    Now that I've explained, don't kill me.
  3. Jake74 King of Worthless Trivia

    Fuzzy, you seem really afraid of getting killed lately... maybe if I killed you I would be cool... :p

    (what do ya think? wanna die? ;))
  4. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    No, I'm not suicidal. There are plenty of ways to kill yourself here.......
  5. LlanowarGoblin New Member

    Blue is my favorite color, despite my name being G/R.
  6. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    YJ, you're seriously a freak
  7. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Countermagic gives amazing board control.
    Bounce cleans up what countermagic misses.
    The best creature ever printed (Morphling) is blue.
    Great search ability.
    Great card drawing.
    Great flyers.

    Has problems with swarms unless planned for (Propaganda).
    Short of countermagic, has very few ways of putting permanents into the graveyard.
  8. Jake74 King of Worthless Trivia

    (don't believe me? check the polls :p)
    I posted this here....

    YJ- are you going to give us a nice summary of all these polls when you think they've been out long enough? Or should we just keep checking back for the results?

    Great idea by the way!!
  9. Killer Joe Active Member

    Around Aug. 25th or so I'm gonna tally them up.
  10. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Blue would be okay to play against if it didn't have countermagic, but then it wouldn't be blue. It's just so not fair that the best creature of all time is Morphling while green is supposed to be THE creature color. Also, I play pretty much what I want to play and blue is just too powerful when the card pool is opened up. Even in 5-Color Magic where all the searchers are the too powerful cards and are restricted, blue has 14 cards restricted with black following with 11 and black has the MOST searchers of any color.
  11. Killer Joe Active Member

    I'l be recording the data from all the colors by the end of the week.
    What will we glean from this info?
    I dunno.
    Maybe I'll just post a composite of all the info and write an article about it.
  12. Killer Joe Active Member

    If you missed voting on any of the colors, then please finish voting on them.
  13. Major Crime New Member

    I answered "I love it", than's not quiet right. I love Merfolk and flyers, the rest is ok.
  14. Killer Joe Active Member

    Friday 8/24/01 @ 9 am EDT

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